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Will 'Sound Grip' memes be the first big meme of April?

The filmmaking community on Facebook is having a lot of fun with 'Sound Grip' memes. But can 'Sound Grip' memes spread beyond people who know what a sound grip is? Popdust's investigative meme reporters dig in

What is a sound grip, and why am I seeing so many sound grip memes?

According to Wikipedia, "sound grip" is a lesser-known term for the boom operator on a film set; in layman's terms, the person who holds that big microphone that sometimes makes its way into shots.

But a sound grip isn't a real job on a film set.

Nevertheless, filmmakers around the world are now talking about (and making) Sound Grip memes. In a post that can be traced to a Facebook group called "Production Resources Vancouver" (a small, Canadian Facebook community geared mostly towards theater production), a film student advertised needing a 'Sound Grip' for $15 CAD (about $11 USD). Although the Production Resources Vancouver group is closed on Facebook, Popdust's investigative team went deep undercover, posing as a Canadian actor to find the post. We were not disappointed with what we found.

The student who posted the call has since come forward, in a public Facebook post, calling out people who are telling her she's "doing it wrong."

But is she doing it wrong? Memes (which, remember, are often mimicry, not homage) are cropping up all over Facebook's filmmaking sect, and the general consensus is that she is wrong! For those not informed, $10 a day isn't enough to pay for anything, and it's both disrespectful AND a waste of a talented sound grip's time to offer them a $10 day rate. The group Movie Set Memes is having a blast (and so are we) with Sound Grip memes! Here are some of our favorites:


So, will "Sound Grip" memes be the first big meme of April 2017?

Honestly, probably not. Google Trends show that interest over time in 'Sound Grip' is already far lower than 'Cash Me Ousside' was in early January (when that meme came to popularity). Over the last two weeks, 'Cash Me Ousside' is still far more popular. Due to the super-niche nature of 'Sound Grip' memes (see also: nobody outside the film industry knows what a sound grip is), there likely will not be a huge blowup. But memes are erratic in nature. The ridiculousness of Sound Grip memes could just push them through the meme stratosphere.

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Sarah Ramos' "City Girl" is a TV show 14 years in the making

And you will be rolling on the floor laughing

Sarah Ramos was merely 12 years old when she penned the pilot script for "City Girl," a TV show that she probably never thought would get produced.

But Sarah Ramos persists. According to her Wikipedia entry, Ramos (aka your new #WCW) started pestering her parents to get her an agent at an early age, and the payoff is that the now-25-year-old actress starring on shows like Parenthood.

Sarah Ramos is a girl who never abandons her dreams, even the seemingly childish ones she had more than half her life ago. After a dig through the Sarah Ramos archives (which I'm assuming is a plastic bin in her childhood bedroom), Ramos found the script for "City Girl" and decided she had the balls to produce it, no matter how embarrassing of a script it was (hey, every writer has to start somewhere).

Now, Super Deluxe and Ramos have partnered to produce "City Girl," and people everywhere are LOLing. Check out Part One below, which introduces Casey (the titular "city girl," who seems to live in a suburb).

Casey is a typical 28-year-old who lives in the city, or somewhere. She works at a store that sells... things, and her ex-boyfriend Matt knows exactly what she wants to eat (a salad that is just romaine lettuce and tomato) at restaurants that serve aspirin (???). Her constant migraines lead to an appointment with a new doctor, Dr. Foley (whose schedule is mysteriously clear), and agrees to have lunch with her to get acquainted to their patient-physician relationship ("I do this all the time").

The series, which has already been ordered to Netflix*, has released three installments to the Super Deluxe Twitter. It features typical sitcom stock characters (like Trish, Casey's city-girl best friend who is NEVER outside of her bathtub) and her coworkers, who are making out even though they hate each other.

If you thought that was good, wait until you see the next two parts:

The series is so "from inside the mind of a 12-year-old girl" it's hilarious. The cast commits to performances worthy of a 12-year-old screenwriter, which just amplifies the ridiculousness of the young writer's mind.

The cast of "City Girl" features a talented bunch of working actors, including Alia Shawkat ("Arrested Development"), Derek Waters ("Drunk History"), and Dylan Gelula ("Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt").

The full cast of "City Girl""City Girl" end credits

Sarah Ramos, you're a genius. We need more projects like this from the young minds of talented performers and writers like yourself. Keep up the good work.

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Since Ed Sheeran rose to prominence, people have been comparing the singer-songwriter's look to that of Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint (who played Ron Weasley in the popular film series).

Now, Rupert Grint has finally taken off the mask he's worn since the end of the Potter movies and admitted that he is Ed Sheeran in a very funny video for MTV After Hours With Josh Horowitz.

Horowitz announces his guest, "the great Ed Sheeran" who comes out with his signature black-tape-X-guitar (though Sheeran actually plays a Little Martin 3/4 size guitar). Sheeran then takes a few deep breaths before announcing "I can't do this. I want to say something. The truth is... Ed isn't real."

The shocked audience reacts as Ed Sheeran takes off his sleeve tattoos and passes off his guitar, revealing that he is Rupert Grint after all. Grint admits that "After Potter," he just wanted to stretch his talents and "create some real magic, so I created a character with the voice of an angel."

Grint hasn't lost a step from his Weasley days. His admission (of actually being Ed Sheeran after all this time) is hilarious. "I didn't expect everyone to think he was real! He become my greatest activity and the bane of my existence." Sheeran's fans look distraught as Grint goes on with his big reveal. "I hate cats... All of them. Mine, Taylor's. I'm allergic to them."

[Editor's note: I'm rolling on the floor laughing at this.]

At this point, Josh Horowitz can take no more. A fan shrieks in agony, and Horowitz confronts Grint/Sheeran: "WE NEED BOTH OF YOU, DAMNIT. WE NEED RUPERT AND HIS ICE CREAM TRUCK BUT WE ALSO NEED ED AND HIS SOULFUL BALLADS! THINK OF ME, THINK OF THEM!"

Grint breathes deep, before accepting his fate: "Give me that damn guitar," then tells the host he's "not Rupert, Ed."

To think, after all this time, Ed Sheeran was just Rupert Grint wearing fake sleeve tattoos. But they're both so amazing.

Here's the video for Sheeran's song "Lego House" which features the Parent Trap-double acting Ed Sheeran/Ruper Grint, or whatever his name is.

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