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Long-awaited film Avengers: Infinity War pisses off all your friends, breaks box office, sparks countless memes

The nineteenth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe premiered last weekend, with fans flocking to theaters in record numbers. While the film's cliffhanger ending left fans with a range of emotions, it left everyone who has a social media account an even greater gift: Infinity War memes.



The events of Infinity War come to a peak as Thanos, the Mad Titan, obtains all six Infinity Stones. Audiences are left on the edge of their seats as Thor, with his 'Thanos-killing weapon' Stormbreaker, flies in to save the day. With a giant axe sunken in his chest, Thanos grins, makes a quip about how Thor should have aimed for his head, and does the thing he's been threatening to do the whole movie.

Thanos snaps his fingers.

A simple act for anyone not wearing a fully-bedazzled Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos' snap eliminates half of all life in the Universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which, for eighteen movies, has given its fans the expectation that good always triumphs over evil, even if it takes a little beating, inverted everyone's expectations by letting the bad guy win.

The Avengers start to evaporate, fans in the theater lose their minds, and Thanos grins. Everyone somberly sits through the credits waiting for the post-credits scene they know is coming, trying to process what they just saw.

Finding some solace in a post-Avengers world

How can ordinary people go on living without the Avengers alive? Fans went home, logged on to social media, and made memes. Memes can be a coping device, and processing what you saw in Infinity War could be difficult. This new meme, 'And Thanos Snaps His Fingers,' probably is not going to help.

Everyone knows what happens to the Avengers when Thanos snaps his fingers, but what happens to the rest of the world? The meme is an even crueler take on the film, destroying characters you love who aren't even part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mario: Infinity War

Spongebob: Infinity War

(Spongebob not being a part of the MCU is debatable –Tony Stark does call Ebony Maw 'Squidward,' after all. Will Spongebob join the Avengers in Infinity War Part 2?)

This meme is about to be big

The 'And Thanos Snaps His Fingers' meme hasn't even scratched the surface of the Internet yet. As far as our meme experts can tell, the first compilation of this meme was posted yesterday and has only been shared about 8,000 times. Further research on the 'And Thanos Snaps His Fingers,' meme is pending, but this meme is set to be big as soon as all your edgy friends who don't care about spoiling a movie for you on social media see Infinity War (because they don't actually understand the meme yet).

I believe this is what the kids are referring to as "meta"

While this meme is still breaking through, there are no trend reports for it at this time. But now is the time to invest in this meme, before the 'if you didn't want the movie spoiled for you, you should have stayed off social media' crowd co-opts it. Since it takes a decent amount of photoshop savvy to make even one 'And Thanos Snaps His Fingers' meme, a friend who can make these memes is a good friend to have in these trying times.

*Broken heart emoji*

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Why did jessica leave me? A Facebook Meme Series

Is 'All Star' replacing the Rickroll?

#ThrowBackThursday: Were Trash Doves The Best Meme of 2017?


TRENDING MEME | Why Did Jessica Leave Me?

THE MEME REPORT: A Facebook Meme Series

Can a meme die before it ever goes truly viral? Popdust's Chief Meme Officer does a deep dive on 'Why did jessica leave me'

Why did jessica leave me [sic] is a Facebook meme page that has amassed roughly seventy thousand followers in the past five days. In spite of the page's seemingly skyrocketing popularity, meme-ers are mourning an early death for Why did jessica leave me memes.

What is 'Why did jessica leave me' and where did it come from?

The Facebook 'community' WDJLM popped up sometime during the morning of Saturday 21 April 2018. Lampooning your recently-dumped, oversharing Social Media Acquaintance, WDJLM burst out of the gate with a fact-disclosure jab/cross combo.

I'm pretty sure this is an actual quote from my actual Myspace circa 2007.

With its silly stock image of a crying man, Why did jessica leave me became an instant classic on Mark Zuckerberg's personal data mining system. The page admin himself is a character named Jimmy (@comebackjess), who used to date the Jessica in question.

But who is Jessica?

Apart from the insight that she is Jimmy's ex-love, Jessica herself is nowhere to be found. Jimmy has kindly asked people to stop making 'fake jessica pages' as it hurts his feelings.

In addition to the fake Jessica pages, other spin-off meme pages have started popping up on Facebook; irreverent pages with grammatically incorrect titles like 'Im Jessicas dad' and grammatically correct ones like 'Jessica's Dog' have amassed thousands of followers on their own just by joining in on the joke (whatever it is). Even 'Jimmy's Mom' seems to be in on the fun.

Are the Jessica jokes the work of one twisted mind, or a handful? After Why did jessica leave me started the meme, it's hard to tell which page came next. Is Jimmy the admin's real name, or is this the work of another Facebook comedian? The page has been quick to gain traction – 14k Facebook followers a day is no small feat.

So why are meme-ers questioning the longevity of 'Why did jessica leave me'?

The page has gotten some serious exposure from some of Facebook's heaviest hitting meme pages, but some commenters are questioning the shelf life of the meme. Searches of and Reddit returned zero information on the meme, which is generally indicative of a meme still in its infancy stage.

The easiest way to tell if a meme will be viral is to compare it to a recent popular meme. Using Google Trends revealed that WDJLM is still trending up, with interest rising steadily over the weekend and peaking late Tuesday night. At the rate the page is gaining subscribers, Why did jessica leave me and its spin-offs are set to see a rise in interest over the weekend to come and into the next week.

Interest over time, 'Why did jessica leave me,' 18-25 April 2018Google Trends

Holding the meme up to the microscope

Comparison of Interest over time, 'Why did jessica leave me' vs 'tired spongebob,' 18-25 April 2018Google Trends

Using one of April's biggest meme trends ('Tired Spongebob') as a barometer for comparison, it's clear that Jessica memes are still on the rise. At the height of its popularity (so far), WDJLM was actually the more-searched term on Google – and with the meme only trending up every day, there's no drop in the appeal of Jessica memes in sight.

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#ThrowBackThursday: Were Trash Doves The Best Meme of 2017?

If A Woman Kills Her Husband And Doesn't Stream It On Facebook Live, Did It Really Happen?

Rising Star

Julianne Glass' 'Seventeen' revels in youthful bliss

With subtle echoes of that "We ain't ever gettin' older" sentiment

Julianne Glass' wistful birthday party track 'Seventeen' will make you long for your youth, again.

When you're 17-going-on-18, the world is about to open up for you; you can buy cigarettes and lotto tickets (but still not beer) The world becomes your oyster and you can do almost anything you want.

The music video for 'Seventeen' opens at Glass' 18th birthday party, complete with a pink cake and a bunch of friends standing around celebrating. But for Glass, it's a somber affair. As she blows out the candles on her cake, she tells us her birthday wish: she wants to be 17 again (you're welcome, Zac Efron).

The track (and the accompanying video) are an adventure, going from somber and contemplative to fun and free, and back again. Glass' longing for simpler times echo sentiments that everyone goes through as they get older, and the 19 year old singer-songwriter from LA seems wise-beyond-her-years in that respect.

From the press release:

LA born and raised, Julianne Glass is changing pop music one song at a time. The nineteen year old singer-songwriter-pianist has been playing piano since she could walk. Julianne has been a curator of sound since her early days, listening to The Beatles, Ben Folds, Elliott Smith and Stevie Wonder. At the age of 14, tragedy struck when Julianne lost both her father and her sister. The songstress turned to writing her own music as a coping mechanism. The tragedy helped inspire Julianne to write from her heart.

Julianne's debut Transparent EP (out now) was recorded at the legendary EastWest Studios in Hollywood, where Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, Frank Ocean and Ariana Grande have also laid down legendary albums. Transparent is a look into the heart and soul of Julianne - as she likes to say, "what you see is what you get." The EP is full of touching melodies dispersed with textured pop songs, like her debut single "Seventeen."

Follow Julianne Glass on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, listen to the whole Transparent EP (out now!) and, of course, stay tuned to Popdust for more awesome music.

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New evolution 'Bus Stop Ringwraith' Grim Reaper memes aren't just for Lord of the Rings fans

"Have you heard the good news of our lord and savior, Sauron?" is making a comeback

'Bus Stop Ringwraith' memes are making a big comeback

The image of a Nazgûl at a bus stop can be traced back to a five year old Reddit post titled "I think I'll take the next one..."

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" caption="" pin_description="" image-library="0" expand=1 photo_credit=""]

For those who are out of the loop, the Nazgûl (aka Ringwraiths or Black Riders) are ancillary minions of Sauron in JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy; nine once-humans who succumbed to the evil of the One Ring.

After being reposted to r/FiveYearsAgoOnReddit earlier this month, the picture made a resurgence in a handful of new, hilarious memes that meme authority knowyourmeme is (sickeningly) calling 'Grim Reaper' (when there are so many better names for it). A particularly hilarious collection shared by comedian/YouTuber AfricanoBOi is on the rise in the meme markets (so buy now before it peaks!).

AfricanoBOi's 'Bus Stop Ringwraith' meme collection (22 images) has been shared over 37,000 times in the last three days and is particularly funny for combining the original image with non-Tolkien humor. While "Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Sauron?" is funny to people who paid to sit through three installments of The Hobbit (which could have easily been one movie), the repurposing of the Bus Stop Nazgûl with things that are universally funny makes this meme one to watch. Favorites include the Little Uzi Vert and 'deadass New York' meme variations.

Check out the whole array of memes here:

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

Bus Stop Nazgûl memes

How do 'Bus Stop Ringwraiths' rank in the memes of 2017?

Popdust's meme experts are seeing Bus Stop Nazgûl popping up everywhere, but they haven't even broken the surface yet in terms of trends. Projections are showing that Bus Stop Ringwraiths will rank somewhere between Trash Doves and Sound Grip in terms of overall popularity. We'll know for sure that this meme has made it when we get a Totoro bus stop parody out of it.

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Will 'Sound Grip' memes be the first big meme of April?

The filmmaking community on Facebook is having a lot of fun with 'Sound Grip' memes. But can 'Sound Grip' memes spread beyond people who know what a sound grip is? Popdust's investigative meme reporters dig in

What is a sound grip, and why am I seeing so many sound grip memes?

According to Wikipedia, "sound grip" is a lesser-known term for the boom operator on a film set; in layman's terms, the person who holds that big microphone that sometimes makes its way into shots.

But a sound grip isn't a real job on a film set.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image photo_credit="" caption="" pin_description="" photo_credit_src="" image-library="0" crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

Nevertheless, filmmakers around the world are now talking about (and making) Sound Grip memes. In a post that can be traced to a Facebook group called "Production Resources Vancouver" (a small, Canadian Facebook community geared mostly towards theater production), a film student advertised needing a 'Sound Grip' for $15 CAD (about $11 USD). Although the Production Resources Vancouver group is closed on Facebook, Popdust's investigative team went deep undercover, posing as a Canadian actor to find the post. We were not disappointed with what we found.

The student who posted the call has since come forward, in a public Facebook post, calling out people who are telling her she's "doing it wrong."

But is she doing it wrong? Memes (which, remember, are often mimicry, not homage) are cropping up all over Facebook's filmmaking sect, and the general consensus is that she is wrong! For those not informed, $10 a day isn't enough to pay for anything, and it's both disrespectful AND a waste of a talented sound grip's time to offer them a $10 day rate. The group Movie Set Memes is having a blast (and so are we) with Sound Grip memes! Here are some of our favorites:

[facebook expand=1][facebook expand=1]


[facebook expand=1][facebook expand=1][facebook expand=1]

So, will "Sound Grip" memes be the first big meme of April 2017?

Honestly, probably not. Google Trends show that interest over time in 'Sound Grip' is already far lower than 'Cash Me Ousside' was in early January (when that meme came to popularity). Over the last two weeks, 'Cash Me Ousside' is still far more popular. Due to the super-niche nature of 'Sound Grip' memes (see also: nobody outside the film industry knows what a sound grip is), there likely will not be a huge blowup. But memes are erratic in nature. The ridiculousness of Sound Grip memes could just push them through the meme stratosphere.

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Sarah Ramos' "City Girl" is a TV show 14 years in the making

And you will be rolling on the floor laughing

Sarah Ramos was merely 12 years old when she penned the pilot script for "City Girl," a TV show that she probably never thought would get produced.

But Sarah Ramos persists. According to her Wikipedia entry, Ramos (aka your new #WCW) started pestering her parents to get her an agent at an early age, and the payoff is that the now-25-year-old actress starring on shows like Parenthood.

Sarah Ramos is a girl who never abandons her dreams, even the seemingly childish ones she had more than half her life ago. After a dig through the Sarah Ramos archives (which I'm assuming is a plastic bin in her childhood bedroom), Ramos found the script for "City Girl" and decided she had the balls to produce it, no matter how embarrassing of a script it was (hey, every writer has to start somewhere).

Now, Super Deluxe and Ramos have partnered to produce "City Girl," and people everywhere are LOLing. Check out Part One below, which introduces Casey (the titular "city girl," who seems to live in a suburb).

Casey is a typical 28-year-old who lives in the city, or somewhere. She works at a store that sells... things, and her ex-boyfriend Matt knows exactly what she wants to eat (a salad that is just romaine lettuce and tomato) at restaurants that serve aspirin (???). Her constant migraines lead to an appointment with a new doctor, Dr. Foley (whose schedule is mysteriously clear), and agrees to have lunch with her to get acquainted to their patient-physician relationship ("I do this all the time").

The series, which has already been ordered to Netflix*, has released three installments to the Super Deluxe Twitter. It features typical sitcom stock characters (like Trish, Casey's city-girl best friend who is NEVER outside of her bathtub) and her coworkers, who are making out even though they hate each other.

If you thought that was good, wait until you see the next two parts:

The series is so "from inside the mind of a 12-year-old girl" it's hilarious. The cast commits to performances worthy of a 12-year-old screenwriter, which just amplifies the ridiculousness of the young writer's mind.

The cast of "City Girl" features a talented bunch of working actors, including Alia Shawkat ("Arrested Development"), Derek Waters ("Drunk History"), and Dylan Gelula ("Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt").

The full cast of "City Girl""City Girl" end credits

Sarah Ramos, you're a genius. We need more projects like this from the young minds of talented performers and writers like yourself. Keep up the good work.

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