A Medium Shares The Vision She Had During the First 2020 Presidential Debate

And it could mean one of the candidates ends up in jail.

DECEMBER 15, 2016: President-Elect Donald Trump makes a proud gesture during his speech at a "Thank You" Tour rally held at the Giant Center.

Photo by: Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock

Important Editor's Note:

What follows is an interview with a person who purports to "see" what others cannot - the paranormal truth that crosses the divide between mind and matter, between past and present and future things. We will call this person "L." She asked that we keep her identity secret, since she is actively working on multiple criminal investigations in the heartland of our country, many of which are "cold cases" that were abandoned as "unsolvable" before her involvement.

We at Trueself did our homework, and it's worth noting that L checks out - she is a trusted ally to our nation's most sophisticated forensic crime fighters. She doesn't earn a living from her so-called 'gift' (she has a real-life job) but instead tries to 'utilize her gift for good.' For clarity: We disclaim any comments of L that appear in this interview, but we do assert that the 'visions' described within this interview with L are true.

That said, we believe that her track record for helping our nation's top law enforcement officials solve cold cases means that this transcribed interview about her empath visions as recounted in this transcribed interview are worthy of publication.

Screenshot of the definition

Trueself: We understand that you watched the Trump-Biden debate tonight and felt compelled to reach out to a senior member of our editorial staff about a "vision" you had about Trump. Is that right?

L: Well, yes. I watched the debate, but I could not focus on the TV noise because I felt something coming through me.

Trueself: What do you mean - 'coming through [you]'?

L: [laughs nervously] Well, this is where it gets weird. And I just want to say that I am not only not political. I am anti-political. I don't consume news and have no love or hate for any politician. That stuff breaks my brain. The lies and posturing, the narcissism and lack of spirituality led me to ditch media and all things political at a very young age.

Trueself: I'm confused. If you shun media and politics, how did you get this 'vision' of yours?

L: That's the funny thing. My friend - the person on your staff who connected me with you - roped me into a Covid lockdown soire to watch last night's debate. I did so reluctantly, knowing that the mindless banter would make me drink too much to quiet my head. But, sure enough, the voices came. I needed to listen.

Trueself: At what point during the debate did that happen?

L: This is tough for me to say... [PAUSES, EMOTIONAL] ....I don't want to talk badly about anyone. And I don't have a real opinion on anything political. But the quickening happened. I couldn't help it while I watched the debate. It might have been the first time Chris Wallace challenged Trump and got run over by his interruptions... or the first time Biden looked like he might not remember the names of his grandkids. I just started seeing things... lol. I got worried and afraid, even. I worried about what might happen to us.

Trueself: Hang on... Seeing things? What do you mean?

L: I saw a collage of our national history strobe through my brain. I saw Lincoln and Kennedy and John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald. I saw Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. I saw James Baldwin and Bob Marley. I saw Frederick Douglas and Toni Morrison and James Joyce. Then... I saw President Trump in an orange jumpsuit. I saw him being taken away in shackles. Could have been a signal of something different, but I do know that it's true. Something true that will happen related to what I saw.

Trueself: Wait. I need to ask - you're saying the President of the United States will be carted off to jail?

L: Yes, that will happen.

Trueself: You really believe that is possible or you KNOW that it WILL happen?

L: It will happen, I believe.

Trueself: Err... okay. How does that make you feel?

L: Well... it makes me feel at peace, I guess. It will make us better. It will make America great again... [laughs]

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