Why Every Golfer Must Experience PXG's In-Store Club Fitting

Why Every Golfer Must Experience PXG's In-Store Club Fitting

PXG might be new to these shores by golf’s standards, but they’ve quickly taken the industry by storm with their custom fit, performance-enhancing golf clubs and stylish activewear.

I had a go at their mobile fitting. A belter of an experience where a PXG fitter meets you at a local golf club or driving range and works with you to tailor everything to your particular swing.

PXG has over 20 retail stores across the pond in the U.S., so when they invited me for an in-store fitting at their flagship South London location, I was all over it.

What's the Benefit of PXG's In-Store Fitting?

Each session is one-to-one with a PXG Master Fitter. Being in store, you get private access to an indoor, top-of-the-range golf simulator. You’re not put off by any bad weather, and the sim technology accurately tracks your swing stats, including ball flight, spin and trajectory.

To do that, PXG uses a nifty bit of kit called Trackman tech to suss out your swing and make sure the club is properly set up to get that ball flying long and straight down the fairway!

They aim to knock your scores down, make the game more enjoyable, and give your skills a leg up by matching you with clubs that are spot-on for your game.

How's It All Work Then?

Duration: You're looking at about 2 hours of your time (just a bit longer than a 9-hole round)

Booking: Easy-peasy. Hop onto PXG's website and book a slot online. I picked the London Store store, but they also have loads of mobile fitting locations around the country.

The Lowdown:

PXG's got 4 different fitting sessions:

  • The Full Bag Experience (2 hours)
  • Woods Fitting (1 hour)
  • Irons Fitting (1 hour)
  • Putter Fitting (1 hour)

I went for The Full Bag Experience (top choice if you've never been properly fitted before).

It's a deep dive, data-led fitting that finds the best clubs to boost your game. You get a detailed analysis of your driver, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putter.

They measure everything from carry and total yards to club speed and the smash factor. Bring your current set, your golf shoes, and whatever else you feel comfy playing in. Although it's all happening in a simulator, the aim is to replicate being at a range or out on the course.

My Experience

PXG's London South store is something else. From the moment you walk in, you know you're in for a treat — from the sleek leather chairs to the state-of-the-art sim, it’s a golfer’s dream.

Straight away, a PXG Master Fitter welcomed me, and we sat down for a chat about how it all works and what I was after, club-wise. The Master Fitter was a diamond, making me feel right at home.

Then, it was down to business. I stretched and warmed up with my clubs while PXG’s Master Fitter watched me swing my 7-iron to get a sense of my current game.

From there, it was a bit of trial and error with different PXG club and shaft combos, finding the perfect match. The Master Fitter explained every tweak, making sure I understood not just which club was best but why.

After hammering away with my 7-iron, we took a breather on the store's putting green (yes, it’s in the shop) for a fitting there, too.

Putting's got more to it than you'd think! I tried out various heads, lengths, grips, and weights. Then it was back to the bay for a go with the hybrids, woods, and drivers. That was the most fun part – testing top-notch clubs to see how far you can send the ball.

If you find your game-changing fit, it takes about 10 days from placing your order to having your custom fit clubs delivered to your address. You walk out with your Trackman stats (sent by email), and, of course, you’re going to want to browse and bag some incredible accessories and apparel from the PXG shop while you’re there.

What I Learned

Improving at any sport means practice and having the right kit. If you're serious about upping your golf game, a custom golf fitting is worth the investment.

PXG's mission is simple: to offer the best golf gear out there so you can play better and enjoy the game more.

After a solid 2 hours trying every type of club they offer, I'd say mission accomplished.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what other customers reckon about PXG's in-shop fitting:

Final Thoughts

PXG's in-shop experience is top-notch. From the setup to the one-on-one service, it's a level of attention I've only ever seen given to pro golfers.

For a stats lover, seeing all the data points and watching my swing on a big screen was mind-blowing (and gave me loads to think about).

If you're keen to improve your golf game, no other brand offers this level of insight into your swing and the clubs to match.

There's an old saying, "A bad workman blames his tools." After being fitted at PXG, that thought will never cross your mind again.

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