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On November 17, Plain White T's will release their self-titled ninth studio album. While the songwriting feels familiar, the band's sound has shifted. The acoustic guitar is still there, but the production is more atmospheric. "Happy," for example, features layered vocals and percussion ready for top 40 radio.

Although best known for hits like "Hey There Delilah" and "Rhythm of Love," the Chicago band has a deep catalog going back to their days as a pop punk group in the early 2000s. If you want to hear elements of that sound, check out tracks like "Stop," "Revenge," and "Can't Turn Away." Today, frontman Tom Higgenson embraces all eras. The new song "Would You Even" feels like a call back to those early albums.

Jordan Edwards and Demi Ramos recently talked to Higgenson about making the new album, his favorite things about Chicago, and of course, the story behind "Hey There Delilah." Watch the full interview below.

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"We respect and love each other very much. I feel like we've never felt tighter than we do right now."

Plain White T'shave probably written a song for every important occasion in your life: first love, high school graduation, growing up, and actually becoming an adult. Now, with the release of their latest album and the announcement that one of their biggest hit songs is being developed into a television program, the guys are doing better than ever. Read on to find out about these projects and more from front man, Tom Higgenson.

You guys have been a band for a long time, but how did you start creating music together?

Well we started at the end of high school, so it was just a bunch of friends having fun playing music together.. We would all hang out in my dad's basement after school and make noise.

How do you think your relationship has changed over the years?

There have been some ups and downs through the years, but at the core we are all like brothers. We respect and love each other very much. I feel like we've never felt tighter than we do right now. We all have each other's backs no matter what.

Recently it was announced your song "Hey There Delilah" will be turned into a television show. First off, what did you think when that song became so popular after its release?

What can I even say, that song has had such a life of its own! We really witnessed something special with the way people naturally responded and connected with that one.

In what ways do you think the story "Delilah" tells will be different for a modern audience a decade after it first came out?

I think the story will be the same, it'll just be embellished and dramatized a little to make it into a fun story for a TV or movie audience.

How is developing television scripts different from writing songs?

A song only lasts 3-4 minutes and you get to repeat yourself a lot:). Luckily I'm partnering up with an amazing team to develop the TV adaptation, I don't think I could handle it myself!

You are releasing your latest album, Parallel Universe. What was the writing process for this like?

The flow was incredible. We were all feeling very inspired while creating this album. There was one week where we wrote 5 songs in 5 days and they are some of my favorites on the album! I wish we could tap into that kind of creativity every time we sit down to write, but it's not always that easy...

Do you have any favorite tracks off the album?

I seriously love them all. There is not one song that I'm not super proud of. "Lying About Me And You" might be the most fun one to listen to for me, but it's impossible to pick a favorite.

You have so much music out. What do you think is important in order to keep things fresh and interesting?

I just have a genuine love for music. For songs... So it always gives me satisfaction to write something new. To create something that didn't exist yesterday..

What is coming up next for the band? I read you will be going on tour.

We are gonna do everything we can to promote this new album and get the world to hear it! More music videos, more touring... It's gonna be a fun ride, I can't wait!

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