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Trump Threatens to Censor Twitter for Censoring Free Speech

The Trump-Twitter Industrial Complex continues to fester and mutate.


This week, President Donald J. Trump tweeted a false statement about mail-in ballots.

He wrote that secretaries of state were sending mail-in ballots to every person, when actually states are only sending out ballot applications. For the first time, Twitter jumped in to fact-check Trump's statement, adding a link to a webpage full of information about mail-in ballots.

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Music Lists

Happy 72nd Birthday: Stevie Nicks' 5 Best Songs

An introduction to the witchy queen's rich repertoire.

It's Stevie Nicks' 72nd birthday, so we're celebrating with a list of her most brilliant solo songs.

Nicks may be best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac—and "Landslide" definitely guarantees an automatic passage to eternal songwriting fame—but her solo work is arguably more mystical, more invested in Nicks' witchy world-building endeavors. Here are some of her best tracks.

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TV Features

"Dead to Me": A Teary, Addictive Celebration of Self-Loathing and Female Friendship

In "Dead to Me" Season 2, two friends have each killed the others' significant other. Things only get messier from there.

Jen and Judy cry a lot during the second season Dead to Me, Netflix's dark comedy about two extremely guilt-ridden women.

These aren't single-tear kind of cries; they're full-on, messy, explosive, world-is-falling-down-around-me kind of wracking sobs.

For those who need a refresher, the first season revolved around the death of Jen's (a delightfully angry Christina Applegate) husband, killed in an accidental hit-and-run by Judy (Linda Cardellini). Overcome with guilt, Judy befriends Jen (without telling her the truth), and the two become fast friends. Ultimately, Judy confesses, and things spiral from there.

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