I Tried Nutrisystem And Noom: Who Came Out On Top?

I Tried Nutrisystem And Noom: Who Came Out On Top?

When it comes to weight management, a solid support system is key. I've tried my fair share of diets and always find that I do better when I have structure. I need help planning my meals and understanding nutrition.

Like most people, my weight loss journey has been up and down over the last few years. A while back, I tried Nutrisystem®and saw some great results. Then life happened and I found myself off course.

A few months ago, I was determined to get back on track and decided to look into Noom®, another popular weight loss solution that I had heard a lot about.

Both have generated a lot of buzz, so I assumed they were virtually the same thing. I was surprised to learn that Nutrisystem® and Noom® are actually very different.

Key Similarities

  • Both plans are designed for slow and steady, long-term weight loss through healthy changes.
  • Both have a digital app available to download.
  • Both programs promote physical activity but don't require it.
  • Both have some sort of access to support or coaching.

Key Differences

  • Nutrisystem®sends you a four-week meal plan with prepackaged, pre-portioned meals and snacks right to your door (you eat 6 times a day!).
  • Noom® is focused on modifying behaviors and offers no food options.
  • With Nutrisystem®, you have a set plan every day that requires minimal effort.
  • With Noom®, you have to prep and cook your own meals.

Nutrisystem® Overview

I knew Nutrisystem® was convenient when I tried them in the past. However, I realized just how easy they make it after trying Noom®! They send you a sample meal plan to follow with delicious food, so you won't be tempted to fall off the wagon. You get to eat every two to three hours, including three meals and three snacks every day. For me, this is the best part. It helps prevent hunger and helps to keep me satisfied as I lose weight. No deprivation!

Nutrisystem®has a strong reputation with balanced meal plans, featuring foods that don't contain any artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial trans fats. What I love is that there are several different Nutrisystem® plans available. The one you select will depend on your menu preferences and how many meals you want to make yourself. They even have a diabetes plan, a partner plan and an option for vegetarians!

Nutrisystem® provides easy and convenient versions of my favorite foods, including Homestyle Pancakes, Chicken Parmesan, and Chocolate Cupcakes. They frequently update the menu with new and seasonal items. They recently added a bunch of new food options to their menu!

What I liked the most about Nutrisystem® is that the meal plan is simple and easy to follow. Instead of worrying about my next meal, I have perfectly portioned options waiting for me in the pantry or freezer. I just have to add in a few delicious grocery items. Some plans have Flex meals that I make on my own or have at my favorite restaurant.

I was wondering if anything had changed since I tried it. I was excited to see that they now have a Nutrisystem® weight loss app, NuMi®. It helps you keep track of your daily food intake, physical activity, and weight loss progress. You can even discover new recipes! On top of that, they have Weight Loss Counselors whenever you need any expert support.

Noom® Overview

I'd heard a lot of good things about Noom®, so I was ready to give them a shot. I learned that Noom® is strictly app-centric with a focus on behavior modification techniques, tracking and customization.

It began with a lengthy quiz to determine what kind of recommendations they'll make for me (like if I need physical modifications or have allergies). After that, it takes a few minutes a day to give me a plan on exercises, foods to eat and habits to break.

There aren't any official Noom® foods or exercise classes, so you have to be in complete control of your eating habits. This is where I really struggle, so right off the bat, I began feeling a little bit intimidated. While some may like the flexibility of using Noom® for guidance and have success with its behavioral modification approach, I need a little more help to get the ball rolling. I found making all of my own meals tough.

Final Notes

Weight loss can be hard. For me, I decided to go back to Nutrisystem®. The convenience of having my food delivered (and the fact that they're tasty and filling!) means I'm not as tempted to veer away from my goals.

Not to mention, they have really stepped up their offering over the years! Depending on your plan, you're still able to eat your own food or even celebrate with food in a smart way. You also have this flexibility with Noom®, but the program is just very different than Nutrisystem®.

Finally, you're buying actual food and a meal plan instead of just directions. I don't want a weight loss plan that doesn't include something to eat.

I stopped using Nutrisystem® a while ago, but after looking at how much they have added to their menu over the last year, not to mention the amount of support they offer, I'm not sure why I ever stopped! After seeing what else is out there, I'm confident that going back to Nutrisystem® means I'm resuming my weight loss journey with confidence.

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