How Nutrisystem Helped Me Quit My Bad Habits

Haven't we all picked up one or two bad habits over the last few months? Or was I the only one making the best of quarantine? This year has been an adjustment for everyone, so it's only natural that certain parts of our lives have been thrown out of whack.

But like any bad routine, it has to come to an end sometime. Summer is over and I want to leave all my bad habits with it. It's time to get my mind and body on the same page and back to feeling my best.

Habits can be hard to kick. To get started, I decided to write down three bad habits I wanted to change and a plan that was going to help me achieve my new, healthier routine.

1. Binge-Watching TV

I've always loved TV, but my screen time has increased over the last few months. A lot. Every series, I've watched it. I don't want to completely eliminate this relaxing part of my day. However, I need to stop watching a whole series in the space of two days!

To fill the time between finishing work and having dinner later in the evening, I've started going for 30-minute walks. I used to find walking so boring, but I've started listening to podcasts to help pass the time. I now find that my evening strolls are the part of the day that I look forward to most.

2. Bad Sleeping Patterns

My lack of a daytime routine means that my nighttime routine is all out of sync, too. Watching too much TV has had a snowball effect on other areas of my life, and my sleep has been really suffering. My new plan? No phone or TV for at least an hour before bed. Instead, I've started to read. After one chapter, I'm out for the count.

3. Eating Everything That's Bad

Take out and frozen pizza became my norm over the last few months. I'll admit that I've always been lazy with my food, but this was extra bad (even for me). I needed something that would kick me back into

All my friends suggested crazy diets with expensive price tags that were way too over the top. I did my own research to see what was out there and came across Nutrisystem, a program that teaches you about the principles of portion control.

Nutrisystem sends you pre-packaged, individually-portioned meals. All you have to do is heat them up! I'm usually not a fan of weight loss programs. However, Nutrisystem advocates eating six times a day so you don't feel deprived. The meal plan emphasizes balanced nutrition, featuring lean proteins, whole grains and non-starchy vegetables, so you feel better.

The best part about Nutrisystem? The food! You get to enjoy delicious options, such as Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza, Mac and Cheese and even Double Chocolate Muffins.

The reviews were so good and it was surprisingly affordable, so I signed up for their Uniquely Yours plan. I had the option to choose which meals I wanted. Having what I need delivered to my door makes it so much easier.

I'm four weeks into my new routine of less TV, better sleep and of course, eating Nutrisystem. The first week was the trickiest. I kept wanting to grab the remote and it took a few nights to get used to going to bed earlier. The first week of Nutrisystem was easier than I thought it would be. It's designed to jumpstart your weight loss. However, every meal, snack and shake was so delicious and filling, I never felt deprived.

By the end of week one, I felt great knowing I was eating better and I even lost some weight, which is an added bonus for me. Getting my meals delivered to my door is so convenient and the meal plan has given my days structure again.

Another great thing about Nutrisystem is the flexibility. They encourage you to add in your favorite grocery additions, such as lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. You can even dine out at your favorite restaurants! With everything Nutrisystem has taught me, I now make better choices with all of my food.

When you sign up, it's not just portion-controlled meals you receive. You'll also have access to their online tools and Weight Loss Counselors, who are available to answer any questions, concerns or requests you have.

Usually, my bad habits start creeping back in about now, but with everything Nutrisystem has taught me and how amazing I'm feeling, there's no way I'm going back to them. I'm living my new healthier lifestyle and I know I would've never got here without the help of Nutrisystem.

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a new special offer to our readers. Save 50% OFF Nutrisystem Meals!

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