As the gift-giving season rolls in, the age-old question pops up: what cool gifts can you hook the guys up with? If you’re anything like us, you’re tired of buying cliché gifts like golf accessories, whisky, and aftershave — and you’re in need of some inspiration.

No worries, our editors are on the case. If you're sick of the same old, same old and want something actually useful, think about gifting them a sleek new wallet from Ekster. Let's be real, the current one is practically begging for an upgrade.

To make your life easier, our editors have rounded up a batch of wallets from our favorite brand in the industry — Ekster. Take a breather, kick back, and let us help you snag an awesome wallet for each dude on your gift list this year!

The Leather Parliament ($71)

This wallet checks all the right boxes, making it a surefire hit. It's slim with a timeless leather look and can stash up to 12 cards. Plus, the built-in aluminum cardholder smoothly fans them out with just a button click — pretty cool. With 9 color options, the Ekster Parliament not only blocks RFID theft, but can also be tracked by adding the Ekster tracker card.

The Modular Bifold ($59)

For the dude who digs a blend of classic vibes and a modern edge, Ekster's timeless leather bifold comes in three shades. Thanks to its detachable magnetic card sleeve, this stylish wallet lets you keep it minimal or pack more when needed — fitting 1-12 cards and bills. Throw in the Ekster tracker card, and you've got yourself a wallet that's practically impossible to lose. At just $59, this deal is a total steal!

Aluminum Cardholder ($67)

Just like Ekster's Parliament Wallet, their Aluminum Cardholder boasts the nifty card pop-up feature. It accommodates up to 12 cards, with an expandable metal backplate allowing you to carry more without the bulk. Crafted from space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, this is undoubtedly the top pick for a front pocket wallet in 2023. Ideal for the guy who's always complaining that his wallet is too chunky for his jeans!

Carbon Fiber Cardholder ($88)

For outdoor enthusiasts who need a robust wallet, this is the one. Made from 3K space-grade carbon fiber, the Carbon Fiber Cardholder is Ekster’s strongest and lightest cardholder yet — accommodating 1-12 cards and bills. Like the others, it effortlessly fans out your cards with the click of a button. The sleek, expandable metal backplate allows you to carry more without compromising its slim profile, and RFID offers protection against data theft.

The Airtag Wallet ($76)

Similar to the other cardholders, this is a minimalist wallet made with environmentally certified leather, meticulously crafted for rapid card access and slim storage. It conveniently fans out your cards with a simple button click while providing RFID protection. Additionally, this wallet has an integrated custom pocket for Apple AirTag, ensuring you can track it with the FindMy app — ideal for the tech-obsessed guy.

Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect wallet involves a lot of factors — material, size, tech features, card capacity, and style. Whether he’s tech-savvy and modern or prefers a timeless, classic look, Ekster has the ideal wallet for every guy. Make this gifting season unforgettable by choosing the perfect Ekster wallet for the men in your life.

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Harry Styles

Matt Crossick/Global/Shutterstock

As someone who cried hysterically when One Direction didn’t win the X Factor UK in 2010, my teenage self could never have imagined that 13 years later, I’d see Harry Styles headlining at Slane Castle, one of Ireland's most iconic concert venues!

With a capacity of 80,000, Slane Castle has hosted the greatest legends in music history – David Bowie, Queen, U2, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Metallica and Madonna to name a few. But, needless to say, online critics voiced their grievances that a young ex-boy band member was being added to the list.

“Harry Styles playing Slane Castle! Is personally an insult to the big acts that have played there such as The Stones, Oasis, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen etc!”
“I guess I won’t be making the pilgrimage next year so. Rumour mill had me believe that AC/DC or Pearl Jam were going to play which would be a more fitting act for the iconic venue.”

However, these nay-sayers shut up when Harry Styles sold out The Slane in a mere 17 minutes, taking the record for booking out the entire gig so quickly.

Fast-forward to a year after securing our tickets. Saturday, 10th June, 2023 arrived, the day I’d finally see Harry IRL. The line-up included Mitch Rowland (Harry’s guitarist) who kicked things off at 2:30 PM, followed by Irish DJ Annie Mac, and the final support act was Inhaler – whose lead singer is the son of Bono in U2.

While the haters were wrong about Hazza’s qualifications to play Slane, they were right about one thing – the grueling pilgrimage to the venue. AKA a 45-minute hike on the narrow, windy, uphill roads of Slane village. (Tip for future Slane-concert-goers: wear comfy footwear.)

Despite the pilgrimage (that I’d no clue I’d signed up for) my excitement grew the closer we got to the massive – and massively impressive – castle. We missed the first two support acts, but we also missed getting drenched with rain so I didn’t mind. To be honest, I was mostly just thrilled to be ticking a Slane Castle concert off my bucket list!

We arrived just in time to catch Inhaler singing their hit It Won't Always Be Like This. I’d never seen 80,000 people in one place before – it was beyond amazing. The crowd was teeming with women in feathers, couples dancing, and families with dads in pink cowboy hats.

Once Inhaler finished up, you could feel the tension from the crowd – Harry would be appearing at any second. It was truly exhilarating.

Approaching the concert date, I saw myself as a casual Harry Styles fan. I’d listen to him occasionally and enjoyed his hits. But the instant Harry’s charisma met the stage, I was immediately transported back to the 16-year-old screaming fan-girl I once was.

Harry opened with Daydreaming, bursting with energy, and the crowd went wild. He charmed everyone by welcoming them in Irish. And he didn’t butcher it like most Brits usually do – impressive!

He played a string of his hits; Golden, Adore You, Keep Driving, Daylight, She, and Little Freak. He was strutting around the stage, then working the crowd by revealing a story about once getting headbutted in Tallaght.

He continued his show-stopping performance with Matilda, Satellite, and one of my favourites, Late Night Talking. Styles then got 80,000 people to sing Happy Birthday to a random Rachel close to the stage, who had caught his attention with a simple sign.

Harry’s set went on to include: Cinema, Music for a Sushi Restaurant (with the “YMCA” intro), and Treat People With Kindness. Then came the throwback of a lifetime, What Makes You Beautiful (with “Best Song Ever” intro) – a definite highlight for me. Grapejuice, Watermelon Sugar, and Fine Line followed. As this spectacular performance wound down, Harry wished the crowd good night, telling us to get home safe. We knew this wasn’t the last of Our Harry, though.

Moments later, he burst back onto the stage, along with the intro to Sign of the Times – while fireworks exploded in the background for dramatic effect. This was followed by Medicine, and his biggest track by far, As It Was. He closed the night off with Kiwi. His firework-filled encore did not disappoint, it was the stuff of goosebumps.

@elladuffy23 sign of the times with fireworks will go down in history 🪩🍒 #slane #hslotslane #hslot #harrystyles #signofthetimes #slanecastle ♬ original sound - Ella Duffy

As you can imagine, 80,000 people trekking through Slane Village – population 1500 – is less than ideal. It took us over an hour to get back to the car park, and another hour before the car arrived to pick us up.

Considering I spent more time trying to get to and from the gig than I did singing along with the audience, I’d be hesitant to attend another Slane Castle concert – unless I have accommodation close by. No regrets though – Harry’s performance was a once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza that I’ll never forget.

Taylor Swift

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Between Ticketmaster crashing and people reselling their tickets for thousands of dollars, the mayhem that the Eras tour has caused so far is ridiculous.

Sales for her European leg have started. To avoid the chaos that ensued when the US tickets were released, there is no general sale for these tickets. Only those people who’ve registered for the pre-sale will get a code to buy tickets on their city’s selected date.

Some lucky fans have managed to secure tickets at cost price. If you’re wondering just how you can too, we scoured the internet to find the best tips and hacks.

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The holidays are a time for relaxing, seeing loved ones, and creating memories. But they’re also that inspiring time of year to extend comfort to those less fortunate and offer a chance to help charities truly achieve their missions.

No matter how you choose to contribute, every little bit goes a long way. Whether you’d prefer to help locally or on a global scale this year, we have some ideas about which organizations to look towards this year.

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For an island that occupies such little space on the planet, it has had an immeasurable impact on culture. Enya, a musician born in Gweedore, a district in Donegal with a population of 4,500, went on to sell 75 million records, win four Grammys, and earn a nomination for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. U2, Van Morrison, and Sinead O'Connor, whose legend-status speaks for itself, are just a few other iconic Irish musicians.

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