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Beyoncé: Renaissance World Tour Reviewed

A Glittering Tribute To The Black & Queer Pioneers Of Dance/House Music!

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*All in-content photos courtesy of M Hatten*

Thursday, July 20th, I was blessed with the opportunity to see, the one and only, BEYONCÉ! I mean why else would one fly close to 10 hours total on Sun Country from NYC to Minneapolis, then back again?

But let me tell you, Bey’s Renaissance World Tour WAS BEYOND WORTH IT!

From the moment the jumbo screen exploded to life, to countless, seamless costume changes, and the energy from the dancers, band, and crew, it was honestly one of the best nights of my life.

Yes, I have to admit, that once the crowd realized the show was actually starting, I suddenly became just one more obnoxious fan screaming into oblivion (perhaps there were a few tears . . . don’t tell anyone) – ready to be enthralled and in awe of the performer of our generation.

But who opened up for her?”

In what I can only describe as pure genius, Beyoncé is her own opening act. In a gorgeous, glittery, silvery horse jumpsuit, she serenaded us with the hits of yesterday that launched her to the stratosphere, securing her status as a true legend.

There was Dangerously In Love, 1+1, Flaws and All, and even a fan-favorite from her fourth studio album, I care.

Honestly, I’d have been satisfied with those four songs alone. But no, Beyoncé came to slay!

As soon as she disappeared backstage, the screen lit up, and we were all transported into the mind of Beyoncé, into her Renaissance.

“I close my eyes and travel through realms of space and time

Reality holds no power or control of my state of mind

On my voyage to find a source to charge my inner being

Assembly line frequency as I tap my MPC

I find the Mecca

Chicago, ATL, and NYC

Motor city opulencе

House, these gritty bеats

They looped, I looped the sample to feel free

Soundscape memories

Hands on the machine

The soul's battery

Surrender to the current

Scratch the needle

Check - my body fades in my deepest dreams

Loop the sample release

Loop the sample, be free

Blessed are the hands that touch the machine


Is the floor where all are free

Sonic singularity, future liberty

Come with me through my portal

My insanity, where I am home

My Renaissance, my house of chrome

Where I am reborn

Where you at?”

A transformed Beyoncé booms as visuals reveal her new form, The Motherboard.

If I had to pick the best-of-best-of-the night – A Sophie’s Choice moment, I know – were my personal Top 3 Renaissance songs: Cuff It, Virgos Groove, and the drake-penned Heated!

I’d be lying though if I didn’t say that Blue Ivy Carter joining her mom on stage for a performance of My PowerI wasn’t the cherry on top of this glimmering-glamorous, GAY-ASS ice cream sundae.

Of course, Beyoncé is an iconic, celebrated performer known for her Alien Superstar vocals and choreography. But for some fans, myself included, she's more than the music.

As a Queer Black man, I’ve never been more confident and Cozy to be in my own skin, than I am when I listen to this album and throw away my insecurities! Thank you, Beyoncé.

With this latest album, Bey makes me and so many others from the LGBTQIA+ community feel seen, heard, and, above all else, reminds each and every one of us that we’re allowed to be our authentic selves.

And that’s more than enough for the world.

Go see this show as many times as you can, I know I’ll be there (Yes, I have tickets to 2 more shows).

RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR | Worldwide | BeyoncéBeyoncé via YouTube

And remember – as Queen Bey has taught us – release the stress and release the wiggle!


It’s Her House, And She Lives Here – Diana Ross WOWS Crowd At Radio City Music Hall

Diana ‘The Boss’ Ross proves that 79 is the new 39 with her mesmerizing ‘The Music Legacy’ tour.

Felix Heyder/EPA/Shutterstock

It's my house and I live here

(I wanna tell you)

It's my house and I live here!”

After what I witnessed last night, there’s no better way to describe Ms. Ross because the stage is truly where she belongs.

The 79-year-old music legend is currently on her ‘The Music Legacy’ Tour, and to all New Yorkers’ delight, she popped into the renowned Radio City Music Hall at the last minute.

And let me tell you, it was something special!

From the countless colorful costume changes, the talented band, and Diana’s effervescent personality, I honestly had one of the best times of my life screaming along to her major hits. And boy, did she bust out her hit songs, like:

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,’

‘Upside Down,’

‘Love Hangover,’

She even treated us with a Supremes’ medley (Yes, you better Stop In The Name Of Love). There were a few underappreciated gems, and some tracks from her 2022, Grammy-nominated ‘Thank You’ album. When she unexpectedly hit us with ‘Mirror Mirror’ - one of my absolute FAVORITE songs from the 80s - the crowd went wild!

Hands down, Diana Ross is a living legend. To think, Miss Ross - the blueprint to being a diva, a glamour girl - is still out here. Not only alive and kicking but strutting her stuff and performing 3-hour sets like the Queen she was born to become.

I still can’t get over how great she looks, sounds, and moves across the stage. The night was an amazing treat. To be frank, I never wanted it to end.

Let’s hope The Boss hits the road again in 2024, I for one will be the first to snag front-row seats!

By: B J Dorman/Shutterstock

When you hear Tina Turner’s one-of-a-kind voice on her signature track, “Proud Mary,” there’s an undeniable magic that happens. That’s how it goes when listening to much of her extensive catalog. Sadly, it’s with a heavy heart, the world learned that Tina Turn has peacefully died in her sleep at the age of 83.

An undeniable powerhouse who pioneered several contemporary genres, from rock and roll, Rhythm and Blues, to country, Tina enchanted millions.

Born Anna Mae Bullock in Nutbush, Tennessee, Turner rocketed onto the scene in the late 1960s as the singer of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. Although her career was enmeshed and impacted by her turbulent relationship and marriage with Ike Turner, Tina went on to show the world she was so much more than her past.

“With her, the world loses a music legend and a role model.” - Tina’s family said in a statement to the public

Tina isn’t merely a gifted pop icon but a symbol of resiliency, humility, determination, and grit. An inspiration to any of us who’ve been let down, thrown around, and expected to remain silent. Her story is the story for so many of us - okay-okay, minus the glitz and glam. And her story is a reminder that we can all rise above our struggles and blossom.

Help me celebrate Tina’s life and legacy with this amazing Proud Mary Playlist:

What's Love Got To Do With It

Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It (Official Music Video)

Let’s Stay Together

Tina Turner - Lets Stay Together (Official Music Video)

Private Dancer

Tina Turner - Private Dancer (Official Music Video)

Steamy Windows

Tina Turner - Steamy Windows (Official Music Video)


Goldeneye (2003 Remaster)

Dancing In My Dreams

Dancing in My

Look Me In The Heart

Tina Turner - Look Me In the Heart (Official Music Video)

When The Heartache Is Over

When the Heartache Is

Proud Mary

Tina Turner - Proud Mary (Live from Arnhem, Netherlands)

Credit: By: Rob Latour/Shutterstock

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