My Life Before And After The Mirror

Man working out in front of his Mirror

Life Before The Mirror

Working out at the gym had always been a problem for me. Between the commute, getting changed, and dealing with gym etiquette (that I never seem to be up to date on), the experience became something I neither enjoyed or had time for.

While getting to the gym itself was one challenge, seeing any physical improvements was another. I had a number off health goals in mind and went to the gym consistently, but struggled to show off any gains.

As life became more busy, the gym fell to the backburner. I was still spending a decent amount each month on my membership but only going once a week. I couldn't help but wonder: Was it even worth it anymore?

A home gym seemed like a good solution, but I wasn’t sure if it would provide the workout I needed. I assumed it would be random exercises with no structure, theme, or instructor to guide you through each movement. I was stuck and feeling worse about myself each day.

While visiting a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, I couldn’t get over how great she looked. I was both jealous and a little bit confused. After all, she’s as busy as I am, but clearly making much better use of her fitness time. I asked how she stayed in such great shape and was shocked to learn it was the result of an at-home gym. I was certain she was using a personal trainer to look that great! She could tell I didn’t believe her so she invited me over the next day for a workout on The Mirror.

I went in with low expectations, but that changed quickly. The Mirror took my breath away in more ways than one. We took the Cardio + Strength class, which was fast-paced and gave me that full-body burn I’d been looking for. I hadn’t pushed myself that hard in a while and was pretty sure I released every endorphin left in my body.

When the class ended, I was sweaty, tired, and feeling fantastic. It was the best workout I’d had in years. I knew I’d found the solution to my fitness problems and ordered The Mirror as soon as I got home.

Life After Mirror

When The Mirror arrived, I was not only impressed by how sleek and compact it was, but also how good it looked in my living room As a standalone mirror, it fit seamlessly with the rest of my furniture as opposed to another piece of clunky exercise equipment. I set up my profile and searched for my first workout.

I couldn’t believe the options that were suddenly at my fingertips (something else I immediately loved about MIRROR - it’s all controlled through my smartphone so I don’t have to get dirty fingerprints all over my Mirror). The On-Demand Library included classes in cardio, strength, yoga, dance, Pilates, barre, meditation, toning, and many more. I even tried Tai Chi for the first time and it quickly became one of my favorite workouts. I loved having that much variety and being able to try something new every week. Plus, there were 20+ live classes streaming throughout the day if I wanted to sweat in real-time with other Members.

The Mirror’s technology is able personalize my workouts and provide modifications for each exercise if I have limitations or injuries. I love being able to watch myself and the instructors simultaneously so I can make sure my form is correct. The real-time insights also pushed me harder and helped me understand what was working for my body and when I needed to adjust.

The Mirror starts at $1,495 with a $39 monthly membership, which includes individual profiles and personal stats for up to six household members. I liked that it keeps the data for all my workouts so I can track my progress. Every Sunday, I receive a week’s worth of recommended classes just for me in the App so I don’t have to spend too much time searching for workouts.

Best of all, The Mirror is right in my living room so I can get into a workout in almost no time. As soon as I finish work, I usually take a 30-minute cardio class so I’m done before dinner. Plus, I'm able to work out alongside my family, friends, and all other Mirror users. My friend and I even go head-to-head in a competitive class, which helps me feel like I’m hanging out with a friend and not alone in my apartment. Plus, a competitive edge never hurt anyone!


The Mirror has helped me fall in love with fitness all over again. Between the endless variety of classes and the convenience of working out from home, I’ve been able to maintain my health goals and see results. The quality, price, depth of content, and elegant design are unmatched. Now excuse me while I jump into another workout.

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