Nutrisystem® Reviewed: My Honest Experience Before & After

Nutrisystem® Reviewed: My Honest Experience Before & After

Editor’s Note:Almost all my life I’ve prioritized taste over nutrition, and never paid attention to calories. But recently, I’ve joined Nutrisystem® and made a number of healthy changes to my lifestyle. Keep reading to understand how it helps me with my eating habits…

Before Nutrisystem®:

A good life is based on routine. I wake up at 7:30 every morning, enjoy my coffee, get set for work, work-work-work, come home, eat dinner, and read 20 pages a day before bed at 11:30. It’s the perfect daily cadence. But my eating habits need some serious help and if I’m honest, I’ve been putting on the pounds lately.

I’m the type of girl who starts the day with a cup — or two — of coffee and a waffle or croissant; not the most nutritious, I know. Lunch in the office is my chance to be healthy. My colleagues mostly visit the salad bar, but I tend to settle for a big, juicy cheeseburger.

By 4 PM, I’m craving something sweet again. Dinner is usually pizza from my food delivery app. I try to stop there, but then I fancy a few scoops of ice cream while reading the latest bestseller before sleep. I told you my eating habits are atrocious. I need a better routine! Plus, I could totally do with shedding a few pounds.

It was time to fix my eating and establish a healthy lifestyle because I don’t want to face a million problems down the road simply because I enjoyed my 40s a little tooo much. I didn’t necessarily need a full-fledged diet plan, just something to help me stick to my weight-loss goals.

I came across Nutrisystem®, a clinically proven approach that sends you the meals you need for a healthy diet. Their prepared meals and pre-portioned snacks are all made from quality ingredients.

But the big question is, what kind of meals do they offer? Salads and vegetables?

As hesitant as I was, I had to shift my eating patterns. And with Nutrisystem®, their plans start at $9.99 a day which was exactly what I needed. So I gave it a shot and signed up.

After Nutrisystem®:

While looking over Nutrisystem®’s site, I discovered that I get to eat six times a day! Their high-protein, lower-glycemic meal plans work to keep your blood sugar steady and curb your hunger for longer.

I can eat exactly like I did before — yay! No bland salads and watery soups for me. Nutrisystem® uses a balanced approach to nutrition that combines healthy fats, lean proteins, dietary fiber, complex carbs and vegetables to keep you satisfied as you lose weight.

My first Nutrisystem® box arrived and here’s what I now eat in a day:

  • Breakfast - Buttermilk Waffles. These goldeny frozen waffles are a wonderful start to the day. I top mine with berries — a fantastic source of antioxidants.
  • Snack - Yogurt (Yes, you get to add in some of your favorite grocery foods for added flavor, balance and variety!)
  • Lunch - Classic Hamburger. High in protein and I can add any toppings I want — super delicious.
  • Snack - Apple and Peanut Butter
  • Dinner - Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza. Healthy pizza for dinner, woo-woo! It's one of my favorite meals, lots of cheese, tomato and meat.
  • Dessert - Chocolate Brownie Sundae. Chunks of brownie, ribbons of fudge folded into chocolate ice cream — a heavenly way to end the night.

With starting a weight loss plan I worried that I’d have to say farewell to all my favorites but that’s not the case with Nutrisystem® understands how difficult it can be to stick to a diet plan. That’s why they do all the work for you, the food is enjoyable and satisfying, and the plan is affordable. So if you’re also in need of a change in routine, try Nutrisystem®.

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a new special offer to our readers. Save 50% OFF Two Months Of Nutrisystem Meals & Shakes!

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