I Tried Online Psychiatry With Talkspace, Will I Be Sticking With It?

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My family calls it "the blues". But by the time I hit my 20s, I knew it's far more complicated than that. So, a few years ago, I broke with my family's mindset and started seeing a psychiatrist. I can honestly say it changed my life.

Lately, going to my prescriber's office for my in-person check-ins was getting really inconvenient. They'd switch my appointment at the last minute, and move it two weeks out. And it took forever - a 35-minute drive - 15 minutes in the waiting room - then 35 minutes home. All this for a 10-minute consult?

I do not have that kind of time anymore. I asked my friend Dael for advice and she told me that I should try online psychiatry. She's been working remotely with a prescriber from Talkspace Psychiatry, an online platform that might be an exceptional option for me. I asked her how that works?

Dael said that their psychiatry sessions happen through live video sessions on the Talkspace platform. I could use the super convenient Talkspace app to get specialized psychiatric treatment from a licensed prescriber when I need them.

That took me back a bit - how could remote care through Talkspace be as effective as a face-to-face check-in? Wouldn't it be kind of alienating? Dael urged me to look into Talkspace. She said it could really help my personal mental health journey in a safe, supportive way.

My first hurdle was privacy, but Talkspace's platform is HIPAA-compliant and ensures confidentiality by using industry-standard technology that safeguards my personal details.

What kind of prescribers do they work with? I was pleased to see that all are trained in mental health care, prescription management, as well as the Talkspace remote environment.

Another hesitation was affordability. In-person appointments can be pretty pricey and I don't want to empty my FSA. But Talkspace charges on a per session basis. The initial evaluation is $199 and follow-ups are $125. That's awesome.

Plus, Talkspace currently accepts Optum, Cigna, and Premera. With other insurance plans, just submit your claims and you may receive 50-90% reimbursement. Turns out, Talkspace accepts my company's plan, so I was completely sold!

I was worried the sign-up process would be complicated and anxiety-provoking. But, truthfully, I was pleasantly surprised - it's as simple as 1-2-3:

First - I live-chatted with a Matching Agent who answered all my questions and then connected me with a licensed psychiatric prescriber in my state who will address my needs.

Second - Once I was matched with my prescriber - a mental health professional - I scheduled a Live Video Session for an initial evaluation the following week!

Third - I couldn't believe that I could get such quick access to my prescriber, we clicked immediately. My first video session was far from alienating. What a friendly, encouraging way to start my remote consults. Then she personalized my treatment, which includes medication, follow-ups, and ongoing prescription management. And I'm even able to pick-up it from my local pharmacy. It's literally that easy.

And if for any reason, I want to switch prescribers, I can do that without any disruptions in treatment.

Lately, my life feels far less harried and so much more balanced. Because Talkspace Psychiatry brings me expert mental health treatment to the privacy and comfort of my home.

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