30 Seconds to Mars Get Gospel Choir for Super-Serious U2 Cover

An already-too-self-important band like 30 Seconds to Mars enlisting the help of a gospel choir to cover a song by a band as totemic as U2 sure sounds like a recipe for disaster, doesn't it? Good thing that "Where the Streets Have No Name" is still one of the best rock songs of the last quarter-century, then. Jared Leto and company do a fairly competent job with the Joshua Tree classic as part of their recent set for an MTV Unplugged special, and aside from the unnecessary "It's all I can do!" echoing at the end, the choir is used sparingly enough to not be off-putting in its ostentatiousness. Just thank your lucky stars that they didn't decide to go with "One" instead—no pretentious rock band could get out of that one alive.

The video's not embeddable at the moment, but you can watch it over at MTV.com. The best "Where the Streets" cover ever, though? That honor still belongs to Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. Not likely to be unseated anytime soon, either.