3 Easy Steps To Manage Your Financial Health

Now that the new year is here, we're all looking for ways to improve ourselves. Whether it's your eating habits or exercise goals, getting 2021 off on the right foot can set you up for a great year to come.

After a tough 2020, you might want to consider putting your financial health at the top of your priority list. A decent savings account and a good credit score can give you financial security and peace of mind. But when it comes to finances, why is it that so many people don't know where to start? Figuring out your finances doesn't have to be a headache if you arm yourself with the right tools to achieve your goals.

But, we hear you, getting started can feel daunting, so that's why we're breaking down the steps to financial health into 3 easy-to-follow steps.

Repair your credit

Having a less than desirable credit score happens, so first things first- don't beat yourself up! One or two mistakes here and there can be enough to tank your score, but luckily, we found a service that can challenge questionable negative line items on your behalf- Lexington Law.

To start, simply fill out Lexington Law's quick online application. They offer a free consultation that will give you clarity on your credit score, credit report summary, and an expert recommendation. This consultation will not negatively impact your credit score. Lexington Law's credit experts have years of experience, to guide you on the best path forward.

Once they've discovered some questionable line items that have been impacting your score, you will be assigned a personal representative to work on your behalf to challenge these items with the bureaus and your creditors. You can talk with your representative at any time and they will keep you updated every step of the way.

You'll also have access to an online, easy-to-navigate dashboard where you can track your progress, see your credit score from all three bureaus, as well as the positive and negative items impacting your credit.

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Set a monthly budget

This may sound like an obvious solution, but so many people don't know where to begin. There are lots of free budgeting apps (bye-bye excel!) that can help you set a clear budget every month, keep track of your bills and overall spending habits, and help you identify areas where you can cut back.

A monthly budget may feel restrictive, but it doesn't have to be! The best way to actually stick to a spending plan is by setting aside a small amount each month for eating out, trips, and clothing. That way, you can still enjoy the good things in life without overextending yourself.

Set yourself an achievable challenge, and stick to it

Setting yourself a little savings challenge can help you break into an entirely new habit. Case in point- according to a recent survey, Americans are spending $67 weekly on takeout, a number that has increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic.

If you like so many others have been spending a ton of your hard-earned cash on takeout, why not aim to cut back? You don't have to give it up entirely, but even if you set out to half your weekly spend on to-go food, you can put the other half into your savings account and be well on your way to racking up those dollars! Cooking at home can save you a ton of cash and can actually be a little therapeutic.

Getting in control of your financial and credit health can feel like a mundane task, but it will make you feel so much better overall. Experts like Lexington Law are here to help you and make it more attainable than ever before.

Did we mention that Lexington Law also offers free credit coaching? The program teaches you how to improve and maintain a higher credit score and retain good financial stability overall.

Now is the time to get your finances and credit in order, and with these 3 easy steps, you'll be well on your way!

Update: Lexington Law is offering our readers a free credit repair consultation, which includes your FREE credit report summary and score. You can follow this link, or call 1-833-825-1700 to take advantage of this no-obligation offer.

Call anytime between 7am and 11:59pm EST to get your free credit report and score!

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