EveAdam Helped Me Access Fast Healthcare When I Needed It Most

I'm grateful for discreet online help

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When I was promoted at work, my life fell apart.

I was warned that would happen as I climbed the corporate ladder... I was so stressed, it started to take a toll on my marriage and I couldn't focus in the bedroom.

I tried to ignore it and hoped it would go away.

I'd just been to the doctor, and didn't really look forward to going in for my one specific problem, so I looked online first.

Apparently this type of problem is extremely common, and not just for men over the age of 60, but all ages and in all types of relationships. I was worried I'd be stuck in this rut forever, until I came across EveAdam. They're a healthcare company that offers private consultations with doctors and pharmacists, and treatment.

I went online and asked a few questions using the instant messaging service - this seemed straight forward and wasn't as embarrassing as speaking to someone face-to-face. I told the pharmacist about what I was experiencing (or not experiencing).

I found out that problems in the bedroom can be an early warning sign of serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease, so I was glad to be getting to the bottom of this.

The prescriber asked me questions about my situation, and soon identified that my work stress might be part of the problem. I'd gotten myself frustrated to the point where if it didn't happen right away, I'd panic and it wouldn't happen at all.

After speaking about healthy stress coping mechanisms, and pointing me in the direction of some self-help apps to help manage my worries about work and my relationship, he explained some of the treatment options, and which one might be right for me.

He explained that the treatment wouldn't be required for life, and once I'd got my work-life balance sorted out a bit better, I probably wouldn't need anything.

We went through all the health risks of using treatment, but I was reassured that someone like me would most likely be fine.

He made some treatment suggestions I found my options to be surprisingly affordable, starting at £2.49 per pill.

After discussing my options on the phone, I went with a name brand tablet I was familiar with, at a pretty low amount.

I just wanted to test it before I committed, and the customer care rep explained just how easy it was to cancel, in case my problem cleared up or it wasn't for me.

You can do it yourself by logging into your account.

My order arrived in a nondescript package, and I was grateful to EveAdam for protecting my privacy.

Everything worked just as the healthcare professional said it would, and Paige is back to not accusing me of adultery.

Paige is also relieved that it wasn't a health issue, and she's right that I shouldn't have waited as long as I did to get everything checked out.

From now on, I'm going to take better care of my health, and I'm glad I have EveAdam to help me.

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