RELEASE RADAR | Micky James Walks the Line

Plus new music from LOUIZA, Maren Celest, Milk & Bone and more.

RELEASE RADAR is here to give you the breakdown of the top singles, albums, and videos of the week, so you can head into your weekend with a new list of killer tunes.


Milk & Bone, Alex Lustig | "Ride Or Die"

JUNO award-winning duo Milk & Bone partnered up with Belgian producer Alex Lustig for their latest track, the first song off their upcoming EP retrowave (due out this year). Sharp bass, 80s synth, and heartbreaking lyrics create a perfect storm of eerie nostalgia.

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Micky James | "Walk The Line"

The new track from Micky James puts a glamorous twist on a punk rock attitude, pairing gritty vocals with infectious hooks. "I wanted to take pieces of nostalgia and give it a contemporary twist," he explained.

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Flaws & ILIVEHERE. | "morning might turn things around"

Dutch producers Flaws & ILIVEHERE. spent over a year crafting their single for the upcoming Gouldian Finch compilation. According to Flaws, [The song] aged like a fine wine."

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Izzy Bizu | "Lights On"

British songstress Izzy Bizu returns with the title track off her forthcoming EP. "'Lights On' is about throwing caution to the wind and going with what you feel rather than what you think (or what you think other people will think)," she explained. "It's about growing up and losing your inhibitions, but there is a loss of innocence in that and it can be easy to lose your way."

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Maren Celest | Nightshade


In her haunting new video, Chicago's Maren Celest shows off her visual prowess alongside her signature psychedelic folk sound.

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Lula Miranda | The Ride

Argentinian pop-princess Lula Miranda follows up her hit single "Cherry Kiss" with a sultry and sophisticated new video. "After filming the 'Cherry Kiss' video I really wanted to take a different approach in my next video," she said. "'The Ride' (just like the name says) talks about a journey. The track focuses on a strong female that isn't sure about taking the next step with the person that she repeatedly ends up with every night. She enjoys the strong passion between both of them but is afraid to fall in love."

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LOUIZA | Swim At Night

Swim at Night

The latest video from San Francisco's LOUIZA is just as fluid as the genre-bending track itself. "I wanted to write a song about seduction and true seduction brings you to the moment," she said. "Musically, I've felt the interplay between space, melody and the drone of certain ragas has that ability: to pull you in and give you a sense of peace in it."

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