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The Best Movies Coming to Hulu This July

Just keep binging, just keep binging...

COVID-19 continues to remind us every day that people and the outdoors sucks. But luckily, it's the start of a new month, and that means a fresh batch of binge-able content is making its way to streaming.

From iconic comedies like Best in Show to explosive action classics like Die Hard 4 and terrifying horror movies like The Devil's Rejects, Hulu is once again offering a kick ass selection of movies and shows to binge. Check out the full list below, and a few of our personal highlights for the month of July.

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Music Lists

10 Essential Post-Hardcore Albums

For those looking to let out some angst, here are some albums that helped us Millennials in the early-aughts.

While punk and hardcore commanded both mainstream and underground music scenes in the late '90s and early 2000s, the post-hardcore subgenre began to enter its final form.

Emerging bands grew tired of punk's stiff confines and metal's overall machismo energy, so the early 2000s crafted a sound that experimented with indie rock, R&B, and even jazz to produce rock music more inclusive of sweeping melodies and sensitive songwriting.

For those whose childhoods encapsulated the early 2000s, post-hardcore exploded on the scene and was part of a thriving wave of alt-rock that included emo and post-grunge.

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Music Lists

The Sexiest Songs of 2020 (So Far...)

While most of us are isolated at home, here are some bedroom jams to keep in mind for when the time is finally right

It's safe to say we're not living in the sexiest of times right now.

While mass disease lurks around every corner, the revolting actions of white supremacists and misogynists continue to make headlines around the country. We watch all this transpire from our dark, cramped apartment, where we sit on our coaches and gorge ourselves on Doritos while ghostly pale, unbathed, and clammy thanks to AC units being deemed unsafe by the CDC. We're told repeatedly that to engage in human touch means certain death, and that if we are going to have sex, it will require consulting the most awkward government-issued list of guidelines for how we can "safely" engage in coitus.

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