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On "From King to A GOD," Conway The Machine Is Eager To Lead His Community

The rappers debut album was finally released today.

When Buffalo emcee Conway The Machine was shot in the back of the head in 2012, it paralyzed the right half of his face and left him grief-stricken.

"I just got into this shell, and I was just f*cked up," he recently told Complex. "I didn't want to come out of the house or come out of my room. I thought people were going to be looking at me crazy." But in his eyes, this depressive episode wasn't due to the life-altering trauma he experienced, but due to "in a sense, [caring] what people [thought] for a small moment."

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Hip-Hop's Most Annoying Fanbases

Stan culture is just thee worrrrrrrstttt

Travis Scott fans went insane across the country when the famous rapper debuted his collaborative McDonald's meal earlier this week.

On the day of the launch, Scott arrived at Mickey D's oldest location in Downey, California, to greet fans as they waited in line for the coveted burger–which is merely a quarter pounder with bacon, shredded lettuce, fries, and BBQ sauce. Videos show that the fans, who (mostly) wore masks but otherwise did not maintain social distancing, immediately swarmed the rapper.

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Wiz Khalifa's albums have never been as good as his mixtapes.

On his earlier efforts, the Pittsburgh emcee's breezy attitude and malleable delivery made him a perfect poster child for weed rap. His bars were never steeped in metaphor or even necessarily clever, ("Groupies wanna leave the club wit' me/Ain't nothin' to a G'/Let your hair blow in the breeze/ Roll some bomb-a** weed,") but gliding instrumentals and a splash of melody made his discography the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon smoke sesh in the 2010s. Where his mixtapes thrived in their cruise-control chilled-out vibes, Wiz Khalifa's albums have always suffered from a strange stiffness he's never been able to escape.

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