MGMT Go Goth with New Single "In the Afternoon"

It's the indie pop duo's first new song since last year's Little Dark Age.

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From their celebrated debut Oracular Spectacular to last year's Little Dark Age, everything in the MGMT universe has always found its power in being ever so slightly off-kilter.

Such is the case for "In the Afternoon," the latest single from the Connecticut duo. Here, Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser sound their most gothic, melding their Brit-inspired synth-pop and psychedelia with ominous screeches, like the witchiest of acid trips. "Modern sovereignty / The sunlight stopped coming through / And we lost the game / Brains like nesting dolls / Plotting their escape / The doorman sees you're alone," VanWyngarden murmurs, like string of incantations. "Relief is like candy / The sweetest kind of love / Who'd guess I'd feel this way? / Like a kid in a candy store."

MGMT - In the Afternoon (Official Video)

Though that sweet relief might be the track's overarching theme, its sound is more sour—a little disorienting and eerie. "But you, my friend / Know problems can't be solved," VanWyngarden repeats with a sigh of acceptance, as if reconciling with things he'll never know.

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