Nutrisystem Helped Us Stick To Our New Years Resolution

How my partner and I finally found a diet that works for us

Nutrisystem Helped Us Stick To Our New Years Resolution

My boyfriend and I have been together for seven years, and we've both never cared about leading a healthier lifestyle…at least until recently.

Neither of us have been at our goal weight for the past few years—we've been hibernating all winter and not shedding in the summer, so the scale's taken some strain.

We didn't notice it at first, but on a recent trip, we both were slow as sloths, breaking a sweat when doing barely any activity. It was so embarrassing, and we vowed to not be that couple anymore.

New Year, New Us.

Together, we made a pact to get to our goal weights. Immediately, we cut out all unhealthy foods—pizza, muffins, mac'n'cheese, snacks—all our favorite foods.

We crashed and burned.

Mike did the food shopping and bought home a 12-pack of chocolate chip muffins we devoured over a weekend. I was so mad! We'd either succeed together or fail together.

We needed help.

Grocery shopping was always our downfall—if the right food magically appeared on our doorstep, we'd eat it and be fine! We looked into programs that deliver, and that's how we found Nutrisystem.

We remembered the commercials from growing up— if it was still around, it must work, right?! Plus, they deliver the food right to your door—everything is ready to go, AND you get to eat five to six times a day!

We both committed to New Year's Resolution Round 2, only this time, we had the convenience and calorie-smart menus we needed.

New Year, New You!

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When our boxes arrived, we were so impressed by the food—it wasn't just tiny salads and broth—it was everything we already ate. There were muffins, protein bars, soups, chilis, pizzas, mac'n'cheese, pasta, popcorn, you name it.

We labeled everything with our names so we wouldn't get confused.

For our first breakfast, we grabbed our muffins, kissed goodbye, and jumped in our separate cars and ate them on our way to work. Same thing we did every morning, but these muffins were much higher in fiber and designed to keep you fuller for longer.

Since we're eating several times a day, I brought three different items to work and easily avoided the donuts a co-worker had left in the kitchen.

The first couple of weeks were easier than I thought they'd be. The fiber-rich food helped us feel focused and super motivated. We were thrilled when the scale began to shift.

Then, a few special occasions crept up. If I was alone, I would've caved, but Mike and I had a plan. Sometimes we ate beforehand, bringing snacks, or speaking up about plan adjustments so we could still hang out with friends and family without ruining our progress.

After a couple months with Nutrisystem—and fighting each other over the popcorn—we both noticed a major difference in the way our clothes fit and decided to celebrate with some new clothes! Whenever I lost a little weight in the past few years, it never felt permanent, but I finally trusted that I was on a program I could sustain.

With Nutrisystem, I'm confident that Mike and I can hit our goals, and with time, maybe even surpass them.

Having a built-in buddy with Mike helped loads, but Nutrisystem is the real reason we finally lost the weight.

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link and save BIG with BOGO! Buy one month at the full retail price and get your second consecutive 4-week plan shipment FREE!

*Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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