Congratulations, you'll be saving a lot of money this February.

Having participated in Valentine's Day for the past four years, I'm surprisingly relieved to have this year off. Sure it's a nice holiday and believe me I jump at any opportunity to show my loved ones how much I love them, but let's be honest- Valentine's Day get expensive. So, as part of my celebration of being a single-lady-who-doesn't-need-no-man this year, I bring to you the single persons playlist for this year. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with the Ladies or having a night out with the Bros this playlist will get you pumped to love the best valentine of all -- YOURSELF!

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

You knew this was coming and I'm not sorry because it's iconic. Lady, man, non-binary, or otherwise you'll definitely relate to this song. You might just be "up in the club" because "you just broke up" this Valetine's Day and that's ok.


If you buy your own things and pay your own bills you'll love this. I love Kesha and her new album and it's chalked full of independent anthems.

Sometimes it's best to just admit it. Halsey proclaims, "I'm bad at love," and girl I feel you. This song is super fun to dance to so play at an at-home anti-Valentine's day party or request it at your local bar.

Same Old Love

If you're also so sick of the same old love.

Material Girl

If you are going on one of those Valentine Day blind dates remember that you deserve to be a Material Girl every now and again. You too guys.

Hard Feelings/Loveless

Lorde knows a thing or two about self-care. This is my very favorite song of hers. Sometimes you just need a night at home for yourself-- plus, the end of the song is a total banger.

New Man

Is your ex blowing up your newsfeed with photos of him/her and their new significant other? You and Ed would agree you don't want to know about how happy they are thank-you-very-much.

Too Little, Too Late

Jojo is basically my favorite. This is the perfect song for the time of the night that you're in your feelings. Remember why you let that person go in the first place.


Don't be afraid to tell your Valentine's Day booty call to "Worship" you.


Put your foot down this February with this excellent throwback. If this one doesn't get the entire bar singing this Valentine's Day, I don't know what will.

An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York)

The title says it all but what really speaks to me about this track is how confidently Courtney Barnett doesn't seem to care she's lonely. To me that says it all.

Wanna Be Cool

When I think about songs that really celebrate the self this is at the top of my list and Donnie Trumpet happens to be one of my favorites.


If you ever need to feel awesome about feeling single repeat this to yourself: "I'm a wanderess, I'm a one night stand. Don't belong to no city. Don't belong to no man." Be the hurricane.


This song is a total celebration. Cheers to loving yourself, Kendrick nailed it.

It Ain't Me

Were you in one of those relationships where you were always cleaning up after your ex's mess? This one celebrates no longer being responsible for that.

Forgetting All About You

It might be that kind of night.... and that's ok.


This queen who wrote the rule book to the "new rules" to keep you in line with your ex came back with this AMAZING bop. If your ex-lover really doesn't get it- this will help clear things up.

Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter and check out her music on Spotify. Press inquiries here.

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RELEASE RADAR | Justin Timberlake releases Man of The Woods and more

PLUS -- Mt. Joy, Felmax, Alfred Hall, Hill, Soft White Sixties, Livvia, and Great Peacock

We've been waiting and the day is finally here. Justin Timberlake released "Man of The Woods" this morning and it's everything we hoped for. Though JT is definitely in a new phase stylistically, he maintains the effortlessly sexy essence of his music. It's exactly the JT 2018 update you'd want and expect. Along with Justin Timberlake, we're really into these new releases from: Mt. Joy, Felmax, Alfred Hall, Hill, Soft White Sixties, Livvia, and Great Peacock. Check out what we have to say on this week's hottest new releases.

Justin Timberlake | "Say Something"

One of my favorite songs from the new album is "Say Something." Released as the second single from the album, this song feels really different for Justin Timberlake. Not only does it feel way more stripped down, his unique collaboration with country star and recent Grammy winner Chris Stapleton is surprising but in a great way.

The song explicitly talks about the struggle of knowing when to say something in the face of wrong doing. The song explores the negatives and positives of being vocal in our super vocal/outspoken society. Other than having a really interesting message, the song is really catchy. It's a great one to blast loud when you're in your feelings.

Best for: Making a decision big or small.
Perfect if you like: Chris Stapleton

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Mt. Joy | "Jenny Jenkins"

Mt. Joy is on fire lately. I recently saw them at a popular New York music venue, Berlin a few weeks ago. Their sound feels well layered and organic and it's just as crisp in person. According to the band, this song was written about Los Angeles.

This is the kind of song that flies by. You'll want to play it on repeat to catch all of the intricate details in the verses and will love jamming to the addicting hook.

Best for: Mending a broken heart
Perfect if you like: Sunbeam Sound Machine

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Felmax x Wide Awake | "Take It All"

< commentary >

Best for:
Perfect if you like:

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Alfred Hall | "Pearl Diver"

This song's production really gets me. The way the sounds and folded into one another is really specific and helps contribute to the awesome dynamic of the song. I love the funky groove of the guitar riff and the serene beauty of the harmonies.

Best for: Late night jams
Perfect if you like: Jonas Alaska

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HILL | "Give It A Rest"

HILL is 100% badassery all of the time. This song in particular is my favorite thing to blast when I am fed up and need to cut loose. I love the swagger of her vocals. The confrontational lyrics in the verses are unapologetic and honest.

Best for: Dancing it out
Perfect if you like: Demi Lovato meets Erykah Badu

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Soft White Sixties | "Brick By Brick"

Love this creative video from Soft White Sixties and the slow rolling song. You'll definitely catch a vibe here. The clips have been carefully chosen acting almost as a lyric video as well as music video. If you didn't catch the hook of the song it's really important. "If you build a wall, we're going to tear it down, brick by brick." Sound like anything to you? Love what this song stands for. It's patriotism at it's best and it's grooviest.

Best for: Empowering the resistance (:
Perfect if you like: The Stone Foxes

Follow Soft White Sixties on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

LIVVIA | "Catch A Body"

Recently newcomer Livvia collaborated with Quavo of Migos in her debut single "Catch a Body." This song is seriously sexy and showcases Livvia's silky smooth voice. Quavo's verses are hard hitting and are an awesome compliment to Livvia's provocative verses.

Best for: Your going out playlist!
Perfect if you like: Migos

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Great Peacock | "One Way Ticket"

Changing it up here for our last song on Release Radar this week, Great Peacock brings us top knotch roots and Americana. I love the vulnerability of this record and the crashing percussiveness. The song feels nostalgic. You'll want to blast this on your next road trip or long work commute.

Best for: Long road trips
Perfect if you like: Lady Antebellum

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter and check out her music on Spotify. Press inquiries here.

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PREMIERE | Abhi the Nomad drops new single "Planes"

10 cities, 8 states, 4 countries, 1 Abhi.

Jonathan Swecker

A man with no place.

Abhi the Nomad has lived in 10 different cities, in 8 different states, and in 4 different countries since leaving his native Madras, India. His new LP Marbled out February 9th tells the story of his journey. His journey doesn't sound unfamiliar to others who immigrated to the US. In fact, it sounds a lot like many of my international friends and colleagues I went to school with. Part of Abhi's journey was being denied another visa after college due to immigration laws. Abhi was torn from his job, girlfriend, and friends and forced back to India due to this hitch in the road. He quickly relocated to France and was able to come back to the US thanks to acceptance into a graduate program. Though frustrating and isolating, Abhi has always had music to turn to throughout these tumultuous times and Marbled is a product of that.

Abhi is no stranger to having to up and move at a moment's notice. He didn't add the modifier "The Nomad" to his name in this latest case of relocating but when he was very young. From a young age because of his father's job, Abhi has had to reluctantly move 8 times over the course of 18 years. From Madras, India to Beijing, to Hong Kong, to New Delhi, to the Fiji Islands, to New Delhi again, then finally in Thousand Oaks, California where he finished high school. Throughout these years, he's been writing songs that eventually became the outline to Marbled.

Listen to "Planes."

While Abhi continued to fines and work on Marbled, he released "Floors" and "Underdog" and created a buzz online. He eventually signed with Tommy Boy Records creating the opportunity to release Marbled that has ultimately been a lifetime in the making. Today Abhi the Nomad premieres with us his latest single from the highly anticipated LP. "Planes" has a certain smoothness and swagger to it. It's soothing in a way. The funky, groovy bass-line has a way of saying, "it's going to be alright." I love the instrumentation as a whole. Not only does it work incredibly well in tandem, each individual line takes you by surprise at just the right time. Abhi the Nomad has been compared to Childish Gambino. In ways, he also reminds me of Donnie Trumpet and this particular tracks rapping style gives me hints of the unapologetic delivery of Broadway hit Hamilton.

Listen to "Marbled" here.

If you can't wait for Marbled which Hot New Hip Hop calls, "funky, lyrical, and slightly weird," you can check out some of Abhi's other singles that have been released in anticipation for the album. So far he has released the title song "Marbled", "Sex n' Drugs", and "Mama Bling."

If you love Abhi the Nomad follow him on Facebook | Instagram