Is An Electric Toothbrush Even Worth It? We Found One That Is.

I'm generally comfortable with my appearance, but my smile is my biggest insecurity. I've never been super happy with the color of my teeth, so I whitened them once with strips in my teens, but it was super painful and I chipped a tooth at that time, so I've always felt like it weakened my teeth.

As much as I would love a brighter smile, it has to be safe or it just isn't worth it for me. I tried a charcoal hack on TikTok, but apparently that's also pretty unsafe and can even interact with medications?! I was complaining to a friend who mentioned I should look into Spotlight Oral Care.

It's a dentist-founded company that focuses on total oral hygiene, not just whitening, so I could completely transform my smile safely if I wanted to. My entire routine did need an overhaul, so I took a look at what Spotlight had to offer.

They had electric toothbrushes and specific toothpastes, like for sensitive teeth and different whitening products. I really wanted to try the whitening products… I also had never had an electric toothbrush, and theirs had a whitening setting, which would be a great asset for in-between whitenings.

I ended up drawn to their Ultimate Care Bundle. It would be a routine overhaul, and for less than $200, I was getting 5 products. My toothpaste was almost out anyway, so I took a risk and bought it!

When my package arrived, this is what I unpacked:

  1. The Sonic Toothbrush - a 3-speed deep cleaning electric toothbrush with amazing reviews
  2. Teeth Whitening Strips - a 2-week course made with a safe amount of hydrogen peroxide
  3. Teeth Whitening Pen - for on-the-go applications, this pen helps touch up your teeth between whitenings
  4. Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth - hydrogen peroxide and sodium fluoride lift stains and prevent decay
  5. Dental Floss for Whitening Teeth - whitening floss helps with the in-between spaces

It's a comprehensive package for whitening, maintaining white teeth, and preventing oversensitivity. I liked the look of the package, not that that mattered, but it did look very nice in my bathroom.

I let my toothbrush charge while I unpacked the floss. Mmm smelled nice.

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I got right to work that night on the whitening strips. I finished dinner, so I wouldn't be eating the rest of the day, and placed the strips gently on my teeth. No immediate pain which was good. I remembered the sharp pain of the ones I tried a long time ago. That one also definitely didn't taste as good.

After leaving them in for the recommended time, I took them out, rinsing with room temp water. Was there already a difference?! It was tricky to tell.

My toothbrush was ready - once it's fully charged, it lasts 70 days, which is way longer than I thought. I clicked on the brush and tried the 3 settings: sensitive, clean, and whitening.

The sensitive mode was gentle, but strong enough that I could feel my whole mouth buzzing. It's got a timer, too, so every 30 seconds, I know to switch quadrants of my mouth for a full 2-minute brushing. Loved the feeling in my mouth when I was finished! So clean.

After two weeks, I noticed an amazing difference in my teeth. They were whiter than even the first time I tried whitening, and I hadn't noticed any serious sensitivities.

I'm so glad I invested in my teeth, and not just in whitening them. Sure, they're whiter, but now that I'm actively flossing and using an electric toothbrush, I feel like I'm giving them the daily clean they deserve. (But I'm not gonna lie, I smile bigger now because they're so white.)

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