PREMIERE | Matthew Schultz drops new single: “Promise For Keeps”

Electro-Dance Pop Artist & Entrepreneur Releases Latest Track

How many promises do you keep?

Matthew Schultz is excited to release his newest single "Promise for Keeps." The track has a very chill vibe, like a day-party with drinks by the pool side. The song is heartfelt about being real in your relationships, not some over infatuated passion. Having a morality in love, especially romantically, is a consideration when you care for someone. Matthew is promising to be there, when they really need support at a vulnerable moment. In that moment he pledges that's who he is. I notice there is no condition to this commitment. He has the feels and has to let her know. The video is animated and has some wonderful visuals that add to the laid-back atmosphere the song evokes.

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lil aaron & Kim Petras dropped the official video for "ANYMORE"

It's giving us serious Summer Forever vibes

The vocals & production are cutting through...

I have to say, I really dig everything Kim Petras does! She has such power. So I was pleased to learn about lil aaron. Nice flow and clever vocal treatment. The production is interesting. I am not usually a fan of the vocalizer effect when Kim can really belt it out, but it was cool they way they used it as an element, rather than putting it on. Loved the contrast of both lil aaron's vocals and Kim in the hook.

Hard work and friendship are two pillars that have held up ROCK$TAR FAMOU$, the latest release from genre-defying artist lil Aaron. In addition to this feature from Kim, the 7-track EP blurs the lines between rock, hip hop, emo and pop genres, welcoming artists like Travis Barker (Blink-182), Rico Nasty and KIIARA.

Aaron delivers a sound stands out among an other-wise formulaic music scene, but also embraces his own grunge-goth style with confidence.

"He's one of the funnest people to be in a room with," Kim Petras shared about Aaron in an exclusive interview with Noisey. "I want to keep it fun and keep the energy up, because that's when creativity happens. I think he's going to be the biggest writer in the world one day."

Popdust's own Mark Westlake plays drums with The Modulators - a band known to have played the "Dirt Club" more than any other band in history. They even played the Dirt Club's theme song a legendary club in Bloomfield, New Jersey.


Pitchfork's OctFest Releases the Food Line-Up, By BON APPÉTIT

Mission Chinese Food, Roberta's Pizza, Oddfellows Ice Cream Co., KronnerBurger, and More Join 90+ Breweries and 20 Musical Acts

OctFest, the one-of-a-kind beer, music, and food festival presented by Pitchfork and October, today announces its food lineup, curated by Bon Appétit, the award-winning food lifestyle brand. Mission Chinese Food, Roberta's Pizza, OddFellows Ice Cream Co., KronnerBurger, and more join 20 musical acts including Vince Staples and The Flaming Lips, along with 90+ craft breweries from around the world at the reimagined OctFest 2018, taking place September 8-9 on Governors Island in New York City.

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MUSIC MONDAY | VenessaMichaels - Fires Up the Light in your Soul

AUGUST 6 | Asian Tour with HALSEY & new EP FLIGHT

Press Photo

THE MIX | Souls Gets Lit

08.06.18 | This playlist is inspired by artists that I've worked with and artists that I believe in. Every song is strong and makes you feel like a fires lit up in your soul.

Listen to FLIGHT by VanessaMichaelsListen to FLIGHT by VenessaMichaelsVenessaMichaels just released the exciting new EP called 'FLIGHT'. It is riding the wave of chill, pop and dance music. Popdust asked her to make a hot mix to go with the heat her new EP is getting. It features Outlaw the Artist, Effy and $K on various tracks. The vibe incorporates styles that collide to create a unique experience that you could study or enjoy in the background. The British flavor adds a global consciousness while bridging the gap, standing out among many producers today. It is refreshing to listen to a collection of songs that build chemistry among one another. Listen to the first track and you'll have to finish it... and put it on replay. One to save.
"We are almost never fully honest with the struggle of relationships in love, life, or work. Everything we care for takes effort and persistence to keep up, otherwise, it falls apart. FLIGHT is about the beginning, middle, and end; it's the imperfections that make up the full piece. What a relationship is, is all perspective. Hope you enjoy the FLIGHT." – VenessaMichaelsPress Photo

Producer, songwriter and DJ, VenessaMichaels brings her unique vibe to the table in the form of "2090". A sound and lifestyle she defines as transforming the past into future. Heavily influenced by hip-hop & pop from the 90s /early 2000's, she recaptures the spirit of a musical movement that raised a generation.


Hailing from San Diego, CA and currently based out of Los Angeles, CA VenessaMichaels consistently flexes her songwriting, DJ, and production skills; working with up-and-coming artists like

Kiana Ledé, Leven Kali, MOONZz, Tay Jasper, Jackson Breit, Effy and more... Performing at legendary Los Angeles venues such as The Shrine, El Rey, The Palladium and outside of her city she has also performed all along Northern California, Southern California, Texas, Arizona, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, & more.

Follow VenessaMichaels on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Cody Simpson & the Tide have an "Underwater" adventure in Stores

The undercurrent runs strong

The art for the Album Cover is such an amazing piece of artwork, like a drawing that has come to life. Cody Simpson & the Tide have just released "Underwater." Produced by Simpson and Adrian Cota, Cody's latest track fuses catchy, beach-pop hooks, with rock-and-roll sensibility and electric beats. The video's striking, underwater choreography perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a carefree summer. It impacts the senses with such clarity.

We were so excited to have Cody Simpson & The Tide on Popdust Presents, although we didn't know exactly how lucky we were. It was a serious lesson in the way it is supposed to be done! Brent Butler spoke with the band about the Wave One EP and an acoustic performance that blew us away. I was struck by how philosophical Cody's approach to music as he was. It was as serious as it is fun. The songs evoke a different era but through the prism of today. Following a positive attitude, the music reminds me that it's coming from a higher place. These sounds course through my veins as thick as a wave that overwhelms me. An undertow pulling me closer to the music on the beach, near a fire, plenty of drinks and a beat that wags my head.

The band mates we sharing a genuine enthusiasm to each other's energy. It is part of what makes a band different than a solo artist. Like parts in a machine, vital to the other. Cody feels very strongly about establishing the rebrand from him as a solo artist to that of a collective. So it is not just Cody alone. Adrian and Shareef join him, not simply to accompany him, they elevate the music. That chemistry is apparent as soon as you see them live.

Follow Cody Simpson and The Tide onFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

Dan Victor is editor of Popdust and producer of Popdust Presents. He is also a music producer, bassist for Low Profile (live hip hop) & The Coldpress (indie rap) and front-man for Ductape Halo (indie rock). Follow on Youtube.

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