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Popdust isn't afraid to be deep—we'll talk about the hot button topics of the day—but, we're also not afraid, or embarrassed, to be gloriously shallow.

Popdust doesn't shy away from Kim Kardashian's ass, the latest Real Housewives drama, a horrifying plastic surgery disaster or examining the latest trending controversy… we're so not above anything. If we have a take on it and we know it will entertain you, then we're game….Bring it!

But, we'll also inform too when the need arises. If the story is important and resonates, we'll cover LGBT, animal rights, racism, sexism, patriarchy, feminism, human rights…and on.

Because, we want to bring you the best of all the rest out there. And, let's face it, there's no law that says we can't be deep AND shallow all at the same time.

So, yeah, Popdust flows… flows between…and around…

Between and around the hot, the good, the deep, the shallow, the bizarre, and the exposed.

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