Free Us From the Miu-Miu Cropped Set Industrial Complex

The skin-flashing set has captivated stylists everywhere, but it only accentuates the fashion industry’s inherent thinness fetish

Miu Miu

Miuccia Prada ate with that set … but at what cost

Every once in a while, a brand’s product line holds literally every stylist captive. From the cult of House of Sunny, Paloma Wool, and other avant basic trends, to high-fashion, it-items like the Bottega padded cassette bag. Or, do you remember that week when everyone was wearing The Row. Sometimes everyone is on the same page. Each time, it reflects something about the state of the industry.

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Loungewear Worthy of an Olympian

If even the most physically impressive athletes can take some time off and lounge around in cozy PJs, so can we.

Simone Biles Fashion

via Simone Biles on Instagram

You heard it here first folks: the holiday season is for resting — fully and unapologetically.

While it’s now culturally acceptable to spend our precious holiday season running around doing errands, catching up on work, or — perish the thought! — trying to get ahead for the New Year. Enough!

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Jonah Hill, Tom Holland, Machine Gun Kelly, Pete Davidson, and the Art of Duo Dressing

Style icons are stepping out in twos to break the conventions of menswear

via Calvin Klein

The menswear revival is in full swing. As gender expression becomes more playful amongst all genders, people are experimenting audaciously with garments and colors, and silhouettes.

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Netflix Originals: The Best Unknown and the Worst Most Popular

Netflix has had some huge hits and also some major flops.

Netflix original shows usually receive high accolades. It all started with House of Cards in 2013 and has snowballed since. Several of its shows are pop culture phenomenons and critical darlings, including Stranger Things, Master of None, and The Crown. But several others have flopped critically while still being massively popular. And many others have gained no attention at all while still being very good shows. This list breaks down the best unknown Netflix's best unknown and worst most popular original shows.

1. Best Unknown: Travelers

< >

Time travel plots involving people from the future going back in time to save the world are a dime a dozen. But this show puts an original spin on the concept. Any time someone wants to come back in time, their consciousness has to be implanted in an already existing person. Usually, people are overwritten just before death, allowing the traveler to continue on their mission without disturbing someone's original life span. Travelers has received little attention, yet it is an incredibly binge-worthy drama.

2. Worst Most Popular: Iron Fist

Marvel's Netflix properties now span six original shows, but the worst of the bunch is Iron Fist. This show was mired in controversy when it was first released. Some people claimed having a white character learn traditional Asian marital arts was cultural appropriation and that the character should have been Asian himself. But setting that aside, the show itself isn't that great on its own. The first season is incredibly slow and doesn't have much to show for itself by the end. Skip this one if you can.

3. Best Unknown: One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time may not be completely original in and of itself, but it is a great sitcom on the Netflix platform. The show is actually a reboot of the classic '70s sitcom. This time, centered around three generations of a Cuban-American family living in one household. A newly single military veteran mom enlists the help of her mother to help raise her two children. The show is filled with relatable laughs and touching moments.

4. Worst Most Popular: Fuller House

This highly anticipated sitcom is the sequel to the '80s classic Full House. While the show is incredibly popular, it's also not the best. Especially in its first season, Fuller House cashes in heavily on nostalgia by having appearances from practically every member of the original show's cast. It's a huge crutch in the first season that almost prevents new audience members from understanding the newer characters and their struggles. This show can be entertaining, but it was made especially for fans of the original.

5. Best Unknown: The OA

If you enjoy Stranger Things, you'll probably like The OA. This is a science fiction mystery series following a young woman who went missing for seven years. When she returns, she calls herself "The OA" and refuses to tell anyone how or why she can now see even though she was blind when she disappeared. Instead, she assembles a team of five locals to help her on her quest. The series only has eight episodes but received a renewal just this month. This show is perfect if you love unpacking a mystery and crafting theories.

6. Worst Most Popular: Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

This Gilmore Girls revival was highly anticipated by fans of the show, but left some disappointed. Instead of the traditional 50 to 60-minute episodes, the series consists of four 88 to 102-minute installments. One for each season of the year. Many were disappointed to see the lack of growth and development for their beloved characters since they left them many, many years ago. Critics found this show to be a pale shadow of the original series made only for the nostalgia factor.

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Was Batman Vs. Superman 'Really That Bad'? This YouTuber says yes...

With Justice League looking set to bomb, viral YouTuber MovieBob takes a look back and reminds us of the fundamental problems with the movie that started it all

Do you hate Batman Vs. Superman?

Well, you're probably aware that you're not alone. The vast consensus is that this tentpole project for the DCEU was a failure. However, with the passage of time, hate fatigues. The fire of rage can only burn so long, and with it ebbing down to embers we have to look back and wonder… was it really that bad? One YouTuber says hell yes. In his three-part, feature length video-essay series, Bob "MovieBob" Chipman is explaining in unremitting detail why Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is Really That Bad. If you don't know why this should excite you, then settle in.

You may recall two years ago when the Adam Sandler movie Pixels came out, how a review of it went viral, which said (among other things) "This is the kind of movie that shouldn't be "reviewed" so much as fed through a malfunctioning industrial shredder." That review was the brainchild of MovieBob. He's a Boston based reviewer who has been an online film critic since 2005, and a prolifically visible personality since about 2009. His matter-of-fact delivery, plain-stated honesty, and academic frame of nerd-reference (combined with occasional bursts of disbelieving hyperbolic outrage) have carried him from his platform on The Escapist, through independent YouTube production, to his now regular review spot at

As part of his output he produces a series called Really That Good. In it he reviews movies that are generally held to be classics (GhostbustersTitanic, The Matrix), and re-examines them to ascertain exactly why they continue to inspire and entertain. His latest piece on Batman vs Superman is the flip side of this. He takes a scalpel and rib-spreader, and explains, in exquisite detail, why this film is as bad as you think it is.

His approach is all encompassing, there's no other word for it. Not only is he acutely aware of the passive negativity that surrounds this film, he has also been profoundly exposed to the vehemence that the film inspires in its defenders. To that end he addresses minute detail after minute detail, making addendum after addendum to name check (and then body check) common and uncommon defenses of the movie. It is exhaustive, and occasionally exhausting, but always damn fascinating. He discusses the film as (among other things) a product of a conflict between three-act and five-act structure, compares it beat-by-beat to The Avengers, looks at execution versus intent, and hammers home death-blow after death-blow to any pretense at acceptability this move has.

Now, while this is an experience of the negative, it's worth noting that Bob gives credit where it is due. He praises director Zack Snyder's abilities (he is one of very few people who gave a positive review to Snyder's Sucker Punch), and takes time to say nice things about a few choice parts of the film. Of course, given the title, the vast majority of this is searing indictment, but as a long time viewer of Chipman's work, it's important to remind newcomers that with him positivity always comes first. This is, after all, a one-time spin-off of a show dedicated to praise over hypercriticism.

Though when he lays into a property… boy howdy does Chipman know how find the jugular. Really That Bad: Batman Vs Superman is a brilliant post-mortem/living dismemberment. With references to film theory and classical structure, criticisms that range from the broad to the discrete, and plenty of choice hyperbole, he picks apart this film in the same manner that the meat industry picks apart a dead animal. He makes use of every part, leaves nothing on the bone, and then grinds up the bone. If you need a cathartic release pre/post Justice League(baring in mind its hugely troubled production process, and initial poor reviews), this is definitely it. The first part of the series is now live, the second and third parts will be following in due course. If you've ever had an argument over this movie, then this is a show for you.

Follow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

YouTube | Twitter | Web | Patreon

Thomas Burns Scully is a PopDust contributor, and also an award-winning actor, playwright, and musician. In his spare time he writes and designs escape rooms. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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Lot18 and AMC Present "The Walking Dead" Wine Collection

Pour yourself a tall glass of Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, or Negan

Wine lovers and fans of the worldwide hit television series "The Walking Dead" can now order "The Walking Dead" Wine Collection from Lot18 in partnership with AMC. Perfect for your weekly viewing parties or for any occasion, the limited-edition collection features three hand-crafted blends and uniquely designed labels to honor the essence of characters from the series which is currently in its 8th season.

With a limited number of each specially created bottle available, these delicious wines can be purchased exclusively at while supplies last. Just in time for the highly anticipated new season of "The Walking Dead", the sale will go live on Monday, November 6 at 8am ET. The individually selected wines were carefully crafted by the team at Lot18 to highlight their shared characteristics with the beloved characters Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and the villainous Negan.

The Characters Behind the Wines:

Rick Grimes

2016 California Petite Sirah -- Whether he's fighting off a herd of walkers or rallying communities to defend against the Saviors, Rick Grimes is undoubtedly the leader of the group, just as this Petite Sirah would command the attention of anyone who tastes it. Like Rick, this red is a true crowd pleaser - bold, dark and balanced, exhibiting a notable tension between the bright acidity and firm, tannic structure. You'll realize with just one sip that his is a wine that'll never let you down.

Daryl Dixon

2016 California Cabernet Sauvignon -- Resourceful, fearless and capable of handling both the dead and the living, Daryl Dixon is a loner man of few words, but his loyalty to the group is immediately apparent to anyone he encounters. This California Cabernet Sauvignon is similarly reliable, showing depth and an attractive core of ripe black fruits, intermingled with savory nuances of coffee bean and dried herbs. Like Daryl's crossbow, this is a wine you can count on to always hit the mark.


California Bourbon Barrel Red Blend -- He is the man we all love to hate, but you have to respect his uncompromising style. This red blend is also brawny and bold, creating devotees with its robust, extracted flavors of vanilla, dark chocolate and caramel. A portion of the wine was bourbon barrel aged for three months. Composed of 73% Merlots, 18% Zinfandel and 9% Petite Sirah, this is a wine that packs a punch harder than Lucille's, compelling you through the apocalypse and beyond.

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