Kloe Shinn Goes It Alone on 'My Own'

"Coming alive" under the power of love.

Korean/Canadian singer-songwriter and producer, Kloe Shinn, recently released the music video for "My Own."

"My Own" is a "coming alive" song about the transforming power of love, where an old existence, drab and colorless, blooms into a spectrum of full color under the influence of love.

Based in Los Angeles, Shinn worked with Disney and Universal studios, composing music for Dancing With The Stars, Love & Hip Hop, The Real Housewives, The View, and Netflix's Queer Eye. She was then tapped to write the theme music for Random Encounters, the rom-com movie starring Meghan Markle.

Kloë Shinn - My Own [Official Music Video] youtu.be

Shinn decided to make the move to a solo career, transferring from A-list songwriter to the spotlight. She released her first single "My Own," from her forthcoming six-track EP, My Own Mini Album, a title signifying not only the EP's lead single, but symbolizing Shinn's brand new focus on her own music.

"My Own" opens with flickering synths and zapping accents flowing into an electro-pop tune. The thumping pulse of the kick drum drives the rhythm, along with a throbbing EDM bass line. The tune alters between tantalizing hypnotic hues on the verses to potent muscularity on the chorus.

Shinn's voice, rife with velvety smoldering sensuality and glossy textures, infuses the lyrics with bewitching allure and lush seductive charm.

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