Algee Smith Talks New Film & New Music

Actor/Singer Algee Smith chats about his new role & new tunes

From his major roles as Ralph Tresvant in BET's "New Edition Movie" series & Larry Reed in the hit box office flick "Detroit," Smith is ready to take his career to another level of success. With his newest music efforts "Flight Delayed," Algee showcases a mature and diverse side of his musical ability. "I wanted to give the fans a special project preluding into my album, and hear their feedback on the sounds I've been working on recently," says Smith on creativity and musical direction. "Flight Delayed" consists of twelve tracks & described to be a "more diverse" and "urban" project.

Algee Smith "Spendin" (From "Flight Delayed")

Fans are currently also anticipating Algee's latest movie roles this Fall 2018 with THE HATE U GIVE and The Bobby Brown Story. Algee will return to BET to reprise his roles as New Edition member Ralph Tresvant in The Bobby Brown Story on Tuesday, September 4th and Wednesday, September 5th.

THE HATE U GIVE is based on the critically acclaimed New York Times bestseller by Angie Thomas and stars Amandla Stenberg as Starr Carter and Algee Smith as Khalil. Khalil is the best friend of Starr who witnesses his fatal shots from the hands of a police officer. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters worldwide on Friday, October 19th.

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Nicki Minaj releases "Queen"

Hip Hop's royal majesty is looking to reclaim her throne with her latest album

"You were a queen before him. You'll be a queen after him."

After years of waiting in which we have seen her beef with other female rappers, a public breakup with her rapper bae Meek Mill, and hundreds of questions on whether or not she still has it, Nicki Minaj has released her highly anticipated fourth studio album "Queen".

The 19 track declaration features guest appearances from the likes of Eminem, Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and legendary Brooklyn MC and one of Minaj's idols Foxy Brown. Queen also features a guest appearance from Future who she will be on tour with from the end of the summer through the fall.

"Queen" is available at all digital retailers.


What A "Wonderful World" with Action Bronson, The Soul Rebels & More

Action Bronson & Co pay homage to Jazz great Louis Armstrong this past Saturday in Queens

This past Saturday was the fifth annual Louis Armstrong's Wonderful World festival.

The festival is an eclectic mix of musical acts and genres who represented Louis Armstrong's philosophy that people should listen to ALL kinds of music. The all-day gathering was scheduled to take place at Flushing Medows-Corona Park which was in the same vicinity of Armstrong's residence when he was living in Queens. However various weather advisories of a terrible storm hitting the Northeast forced event organizers to call an audible and relocate to the Kupferberg Center for the Arts located on the Queens College campus.

Jeffrey Rosenstock making his opening address Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The show kicked off with words from Queens College Assistant Vice President & City Council Rep Jeffery Rosenstock. The brief but endearing speech also served as an introduction to the opening act AMAYO'S FU ARKIST RA. AMAYO'S FU ARKIST RA's music and stage show can be classified as an Asian inspired visual set to the soundtrack of Nigerian Afro-beat. The pulsating energetic vibrations made for an unexpected yet ascetically fulfilling contrast to the fluid motions of the martial arts artist whose routined could have been labeled as an interpretive dance.

AMAYO'S FU-ARKIST-RA Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The party atmosphere was kicked into overdrive courtesy of the legendary New Orleans eight piece brass band The Soul Rebels. They have worked with such acts as The Roots, Robert Glasper, and even Metallica. Queens College suddenly became Bourbon Street with people dancing in the aisles and sporting Mardi Gras beads. The brass behemoths electrified the crowd with their original tunes and renditions of Hip Hop jams from the likes of Nas, Lauryn Hill, and Kendrick Lamar. The Soul Rebels acted as the perfect appetizer to get the crowd ready for Hip Hop's resident foodie, Action Bronson.

Check out our Facebook Live Interview with The Soul Rebels

The opening notes of "Let Me Breathe" followed by a distinct voice were the catalysts to hoards of hipsters, backpackers, and everyone in between rushing to the front of the stage. Emerging from the offside was a massive physique that can be seen in abundance on the Viceland network. Queens native Action Bronson aka Bam Bam aka Mr. Baklava is now holding court.

Action BronsonTaylor Hill/Getty Images

Every word rapped into his microphone was mimicked flawlessly by the raucous hometown crowd. After a few songs, Bronson makes his way into the crowd and a controlled pandemonium ensues. Legions of fans armed with "F*CK, That's Delicious" cookbooks and camera phones flocked to Bronson as he stood in the midst of the adulation while reciprocating the love to his die-hard fans. After 10 minutes of this impromptu meet and greet, Bronson makes his way back to stage to finish up his set. The energy is at a fever pitch by the time Bronson goes into his closing number "Easy Rider". After shouting out the crowd he flips his microphone in the air and leaves the stage holding one fist in the air as if he just hit a home run in Game 7 of The World Series for the Mets. The crowd chants his name and Bronson returns for an encore before he officially calls it a night.

Bronson For President Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Despite the last minute change in venue, Louis Armstrong's Wonderful World was an event that would've generated the same good time no matter where it might have been held. The small yet diverse lineup lent itself to the crowd who may have been there for one particular act but still got a great showing from everyone that took the stage. They got to enjoy lions of pink, Souls of Rebels, and Actions Of Bronsons. All of the ingredients that made for a "wonderful" evening to honor the legacy of the man they called "Satchmo".

Check out more photos from Louis Armstrong's Wonderful World below:


Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Martial Artist on stage during AMAYO'S FU-ARKIST-RA'S performance

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