Dogleg Offer Their Cathartic Emo with "Kawasaki Backflip"

The Michigan band's latest single reaffirms their promise as a rising voice in punk.


In the recent wave of new emo and punk bands, Dogleg have become one of the most undeniably promising rising voices.

Late last year, the Michigan band garnered an underground buzz for "Fox," an anthemic bruiser of a single that perfectly emblemized the genre's potential for catharsis. With their debut album Melee on the horizon, the band have shared another song, "Kawasaki Backflip," that proves there's much more where the powerful spirit of "Fox" came from.

"Kawasaki Backflip" hinges on a similar theme of emotional release, from the headbanging guitar riffs right down to the various homewares the band members destroy in the music video. It bears a sense of timelessness, the kind of soaring energy praised in their forebearers like Titus Andronicus and Japandroids a decade ago.

"Tear down the walls, we don't need them now / Lay on the carpet, just burn it out," frontman Alex Stoitsiadis howls. "We can destroy this together." Like those words suggest, "Kawasaki Backflip" embodies a surge of liberation.

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