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James Bond and Pussy Galore, "Goldfinger" (1965)

When I decided to re-watch all of the James Bond movies in chronological order, I wasn't exactly expecting a politically correct, feminist franchise that would pass the Bechdel test with flying colors.

My memory of the early movies consisted of a lot of smarmy one-liners, plenty of women in those kind of pointy bikini tops, bad guys with Russian or German accents, and loads of shots of Sean Connery's legs. As far as Bond's relationship with women, I remembered that he was unquestionably a womanizer and women often just melted into his arms, apparently seduced by the mere sight of him. I was prepared to laugh at these outdated tropes and accept the movies' questionable gender dynamics as a product of a different time. I wasn't expecting to see point blank sexual assault.

WARNING: Discussion of rape and sexual assault.

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Why the Internet Really Wants a "Battle Angel Alita" Sequel

Why everybody wants a #AlitaSequel.

Disney/20th Century Fox

Alita: Battle Angel—the James Cameron-produced, Robert Rodriguez-directed, American live-action movie based on the Japanese Battle Angel Alita manga–got the short end of the stick, culturally speaking.

While critics' reviews were mixed (our reviewer loved it), the movies' slick animation and compelling world building earned it a dedicated fanbase and a reputation as one of the only good American adaptations of an anime or manga franchise. Unfortunately, a number of supposed Battle Angel Alita fans also seemed to have an ulterior motive, using the movie as fuel for their alt-right crusade against Captain Marvel. These actions likely derived from a very small minority of the Alita fandom, but ultimately lead Battle Angel Alita to become viewed as "a right-wing alternative to Captain Marvel"––a frankly unfair categorization for a female-centric action movie with a Latinx star.

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How "Clueless" Stays Timeless 25 Years On

The teen rom-com has become a cult classic, even 25 years after its original release.

On July 19, 1995, the world was introduced to one of the most beloved teen rom-coms in history.

In the 25 years since its release, Clueless has maintained a multigenerational legacy. Its plot bears a sense of timelessness, having been based off of Jane Austen's 1815 novel, Emma. But complete with infinitely quotable one-liners, flawless fashion, and a soundtrack filled with '90s gold, Clueless was primed to leave a lasting legacy in its own right.

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