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PREMIERE | Inara George releases Dearest Everybody

"I'm proud of this record for a few reasons, and I'd love for people to hear it."

"I'm proud of this record for a few reasons, and I'd love for people to hear it."

Inara comments on her newest LP that dropped today here on Popdust. Titled Dearest Everybody, this is the first solo album release from George since 2008's Accidental Experimental. Needless to say, we're excited. The singer-songwriter has previously released music as one half of The Bird and The Bee, known for their cover of "How Deep Is Your Love?" by the Bee Gees. She is also part of the trio the Living Sisters and has been releasing music with them in the interim as well. In the threshold of this new musical era for George, she's released several singles from the album produced by Mike Andrews along with stunning visuals.

Young Adult was the first single Inara released from the album. The song is bittersweet but optimistic. Being introduced by Inara by this track it instantly appealed to me because her sweet but rich tone reminded me of some of my favorite female singer-songwriters like Sarah Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. Her vivid lyrics prove that Inara is not only a songwriter but a storyteller. The visual slyly comments on the differences between childhood and adulthood represented by color and lack thereof. Throughout the song, it feels like Inara learns to see life through the optimistic, technicolor eyes of a child but with the wisdom of an adult. It perfectly captures that feeling of in between we all experience in our twenty-somethings but is told from a reflective perspective.

Watch "Young Adult" here.

Her most recent single from the album "Release Me."I wrote this song as a gift to my mother on her 70th birthday," Inara told us. She says, "I assumed that the song was too personal to put on my record. It's a sort of love song to my father from my mother. But when I played it for my producer, Mike Andrews, he said we definitely had to record it. I'm very happy we did. I'm not sure I've ever shared such a personal song with the world. There's something very liberating about it." The song is beautiful down to the angelic background vocals that brilliantly support Inara's powerful but serene vocal line. The song feels like a love child between an old fifties ballad and the wedding song of the season. The visual is equally gorgeous. Simple in nature, it allows you to see what a special performer George is.

Watch "Release Me" here.

Such songwriting chops are only something that could emerge from a nourished habit of storytelling. Inara says she started writing songs with her friend when she was 10 or 11 years old, but didn't fully do it until she was 18. Having listened to her parents favorites growing up such as: Ry Cooder, Ricki Lee Jones, and Tom Waits, the first artist Inara remembers being drawn to on her own was Prince. This definitely impacted her music. She mentions, "I suppose Prince influenced me quite a bit. But then I could also say Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Ricki Lee Jones," adding that it really depends on the time period of her songwriting career.

Something notable about George's new album is the vibrancy and playfulness of every aspect from the visuals to the album art. Inara says, "I think visuals really tell the story of who you are, just as much as the music. And every record really has its own voice and style. That's one of the really fun parts of putting out a record, figuring out how everything should look. The cover, the video, the photographs, what I wear on stage, etc." That said, it's clear that Inara will be putting on a really fun show. George is set to hit the road to promote Dearest Everybody starting tonight in Los Angeles.

Check out Inara's full tour schedule here.

January 19 - Los Angeles, CA @ Masonic Lodge @ Hollywood Forever
January 24 - New York, NY @ Nublu
January 25 - Washington, DC @ DC9
January 26 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Boot & Saddle
February 16 - Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theater
February 18 - Portland, OR @ Mission Theater
February 20 - San Francisco, CA @ Café Du Nord (Noise Pop Festival)

Inara is excited to share this album with her fans old and new. She says up next she'll, "play some shows and try and get the word out. I'm proud of this record for a few reasons, and I'd love for people to hear it."

Listen to Dearest Everybody here.

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