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PREMIERE | Kazyak Releases Music Video for 'Belmonte'

Psychedelic alt-rock from the Twin Cities.

Twin Cities-band Kazyak premieres "Belmonte" on Popdust.

The song is from Kazyak's forthcoming LP, Reflection, an alt-rock album that forays into translucent psychedelic savors and unusual tempos that remain alluring despite being unconventional.

Songwriter Peter Frey calls Reflection, "An attempt to create surreal, vivid, Dali-esque images with our sound — it's a collection of outtakes, demos, and b-sides consistent with our history of not-trying-to-be-mainstream alternative rock. They're all true songs of scenery seen, dreams dreamt, and feelings felt, enlivened by layers of musical and visual, psychefied experimentation."

Kazyak — Belmonte (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Kazyak is composed of Peter Frey (guitar), Andy Wolfe (guitar), Pat Hayes (synth, piano), Tyler Safranek (bass), and Nick Grewe (drums). The band dropped their See The Forest EP in 2015, followed by another EP, Happy Camping, in 2017. Reflection is their first full-length album.

"Belmonte" opens on an acoustic guitar and surfacing synths flowing into a gentle alt-rock melody flavored with folk-ballad tints and psychedelic colors. The synths burble and bubble with shimmering pigments prior to the tune ramping up a bit and achieving true alt-rock dynamics. I love the drums as the harmonics swell and pulse. The contrast between the layers of sparkling guitars and percolating, kaleidoscopic synths infuses the tune with tasty unorthodox textures, like rounded sonic shapes reflecting off tinkling edges.

Frey's voice, tender and dreamy, conjures up vague comparisons to Paul Simon's distinctive tones blended with James Taylor.

Innovative and patently original, "Belmonte" delivers nuanced variables atop lingering mood-altering streams of ambience.

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