Post Animal Share Synthy New Single "Schedule"

The latest song from the Chicago band comes to terms with romance while on the road.

On the heels of their 2018 debut When I Think of You in a Castle, Chicago quintet Post Animal have ascended to a fundamental pedestal within their hometown's propitious indie rock scene.

However, Post Animal's latest single, "Schedule," veers off the path of the bustling psychedelia they were originally recognized for, dipping their toes into the synth-pop wave. "We wrote a song so pop it's not pop," the band explains. "It's what the original idea deserved. Now, using the melody as a vehicle, take in the lyrics, forge your own path as you gain perspective from the genuine, heartfelt message penned from within Post Animal." If Castle represented the psych-funk of the '70s and its resurgence found in / led by in this decade's bands like Tame Impala, "Schedule" taps into the electronic-leaning extravagance of the '80s.

In light of Post Animal's spiked popularity, it's only natural that their relationships tethered to their home would reach a point of contention. "Schedule" sees the band members reconcile with their personal and professional lives. "I'll never know what you go through / But I'd do it all again with you / With a life that feels it's always on the go / I just wanted you to know / That's okay," the band sings over a genial melody, complete with stadium-sized cymbal hits and frenetic, ascending guitar riffs. A resolution arrives at the end: "Baby if you need me I can fit you in my schedule," serving as a reminder that those who love us most will always make time, no matter the circumstances.

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