#WomenCrushWednesday | DYLYN Interview

Her debut EP is still TK and her fans are already in love.

"We are women, who are in fact a minority in the industry, and therefore we should be supporting each other."

Women are killing it in the music industry, and the world of song lovers couldn't be happier! In our column, #WomenCrushWednesday, we'll feature an awesome lady whose tunes are blowing up our playlists and ask them about their musical journey.

We speak with DYLYN this week, a powerhouse vocalist with an old-school vibe to her voice, combining influences from amazing female artists to create something unique and fresh. She tells us a little bit about what she thinks inspires Canadian musicians, her reflections on the challenges of the music industry, and gets us ready for her debut coming out soon.

How did you get interested in music?

From the age of 6, I had a natural gravitation to performing. I started in acting and theatre and by the time I was 15 I began writing and demo-ing songs. it eventually evolved into a band after discovering 70's and 80s music. the band eventually broke up and I began my solo career. I am happy to say I've finally found a sound the expresses my true essence. What a journey it has been thus far.

You're from Canada. Do you think anything about the music scene there has influenced your own musical style?

I think the seasons and constant change of weather make a big difference with influences. After living in LA for a few years I started to get stir crazy because the weather was the same everyday. Looking outside and each day varies is inspiration in itself for a mood or music change. I probably geared towards darker synth and guitar tones because of the hard winters, just 4-5 months of anger, haha.

You haven't put out your debut yet, but you have quite the social media following. Does this then make your relationship to the singles you've released more powerful?

It's a journey of growing, changing, developing, all based on personal events - the singles and the album are all interconnected.

Your voice is super powerful and reminiscent of other powerhouse pop singers. Have any women in the industry inspired you?

Definitely, I've always loved Annie Lennox and Joan Jett's tone and I loved the fact that they broke boundaries and had a very anti-barbie mentality.

What's your experience been like as a woman in the music industry?

I truly believe you have to pay your dues as an artist - playing shows, having bad shows, good shows - an artist needs to learn from experiences like this in order to grow. You appreciate the highlights if you've had lows. As a woman it can be a very competitive industry but only if you let it - I've learned you must always focus on your own path and not look or compare yourself to others. We are women, who are in fact a minority in the industry, and therefore we should be supporting each other.

Looking at my idols growing up like Debbie Harry or Joan Jett - they were the anti-barbie of their generation and they marched to the beat of their own drum. I'm happy to say the music industry has started to shift back to that 'artistry comes first' mentality and the "perfect image" is no longer necessary, as the music speaks for itself. The key is to be your truest self, I know it sounds so simple but it took me a very long time to really understand.

You recently released your song "WOLF." Can you tell us a little bit about it?

As I said, it's about a personal experience after a post break-up. Wolf was the mood and rampage I was on after a bad break-up. You get to a point where you don't care about other peoples feelings and you almost "black-out" your emotions as a fuck you to possible significant others. I'm happy to be past that, but I felt it needed to be expressed because everyone has experienced some form of that emotion in their lives.

You're also preparing to release your debut EP, Sauvignon and a Kimono. What was the writing and recording process for that like?

It felt like so long ago, the album itself took about 2 years and it was a slow and thoughtful process. Before even starting the record, I decided to go back to basics, I picked out photos and music that I deeply loved before even writing a single word. I let that marinate in my mind and began to dissect my life throughout those 2 years. I wanted to talk about what was true to me, what moments in my life really affected me. Digging deep and pulling from the truth always resonates on records. Authenticity is forever.

Do you have any favorite tracks from the EP?

It really depends on what mood I'm in, but it continually changes.

What else is coming up next for you?

I'm excited to announce I'm going on tour in Germany, May 2018. You can purchase tickets and see dates here.

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