Bad Suns Release Music Video for 'Away We Go'

The latest hit from the LA band is paired with a dreamy music video.

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LA rock band, Bad Suns, released the music video for their new song "Away We Go."

The song is a classic California rock anthem, evoking images of long rides in a convertible, beach volleyball, and light sweaters in January. While the group's sound remains fresh, they draw heavy inspiration from 70s and 80s post punk singers like Elvis Costello, giving them a retro sound.

Busy since forming in LA as teenagers, Bad Suns has broken the Top 25 on the Billboard 200, toured with Halsey and The 1975, played Coachella, and sold out headlining dates across the world. Their last album, 2016's Disappear Here, received a lot of attention in the press and helped build their following of devoted fans. The four musicians that make up the group — Christo Bowman, Gavin Bennett, Miles Morris and Ray Libby — not only bear the best collection of boyband first names ever, but also each contribute to the band's sound in equal measure. As popular music drifts away from the full band concept, Bad Suns manages to offer solid, attention-grabbing rock.

The video is dreamy and primarily focuses on lead singer Christo Bowman as he dances in a Mick Jagger-esque fashion, lamenting fleeting youth and uncertain tomorrows. For fans of the band, it's an excitingly intimate look at each band member's specific performance style.

According to the band, the imagery was heavily inspired by installation artist Bruce Nauman's Tate Modern exhibit. The artist uses a variety of media — from video to sculpture — to capture an otherworldly array of visuals.

"The aim [of the video] was to capture the urgency of the music and lyrics while infusing different styles of imagery we were being inspired by as we made the album," the band says. "The song made it easy for us in the sense that we knew it should be a lot of fun.

"We also knew we wanted to see the band playing in these decorative, dreamlike locations. There are vast, open moments of clarity juxtaposed with these claustrophobic shots, which work together in really evoking the spirit of the track."

Bad Suns - "Away We Go"

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