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Ben Gibbard Shares New Quarantine-Themed Song from His Home

"Life in Quarantine" marks just one of the Death Cab For Cutie frontman's many home videos to come.

Ben Gibbard's hometown of Seattle has been hit especially hard during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Death Cab for Cutie frontman is just one of many well-known public figures who've been posting videos and livestreaming as the pandemic keeps us all indoors. There are a lot of bad celebrity responses out there, but Gibbard's is not one of them. He shared a message with his city today, performing a song he calls "Life in Quarantine." Recorded humbly in front of his multiple RIAA certification plaques, the tender acoustic song depicts days that look empty "like Christmas."

"The streets are empty, the bars and cafes too / The streetlights only changing 'cause they ain't got nothing better to do," Gibbard sings as he strums. "The airports and train stations are full of desperate people / Trying to convince the gate agents that not all emergencies are equal / But no one is going anywhere soon."

Furthermore, Gibbard signs off the video by encouraging his fellow Seattleites—if it's within their means—to donate sleeping bags and tents to the Aurora Commons, a community center for "unhoused neighbors." "Let's all get through this together," Gibbard adds.

This is just the first of many videos to come from Gibbard as he practices social distancing. He'll be streaming on YouTube and Facebook at 4 PM Pacific Time until further notice.

Listen to "Life in Quarantine" below.

A Message to the City from Ben Gibbard

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