CROOK Releases New Confessional Single "oh, cool"

The Berlin-based artist's new single is a straight shot of pop-punk nostalgia, mixing hard rock riffs with emotional lyrics.

CROOK's frenetic new single is a perfect slice of anxiety-laden rock, a fragment of a nostalgic, soul-baring sound.

Throwing back to the lackadaisical depression of pop-punk, CROOK's "oh, cool" hides its anxieties under a muted guitar line before the the full band behind him opens the song up, undercutting his soft vocals with an explosive riff. CROOK's been writing and producing his own music for years now, with two EPs and a bundle of singles under his belt, but it's a bracing surprise that he can turn out tracks like "oh, cool," a track that sounds fresh and new, after years in the industry.

Its impressive that a fast-paced track like this leaves room for a moment of confession. With "oh, cool," CROOK intended "to write a 2-minute shot of pure adrenaline, something that could burst through even my own thick head, and get me to wake the f*ck up. I'm probably not the only one who needs it." It's the anti-panic attack remedy, a shrugging admission at the same time as a crackling punk flare. CROOK's kind of genuine openness, disguised as charming slacker-cool, is a thrilling sonic mixture.

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