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Mother-Daughter Duo Creates Sweet Music

"It's tough out here for independent artists. We have to look out for each other! We have to have each other's backs!"

A mother-daughter duo is on our radar this week, who were first discovered on Season 3 of The Voice. 2Steel Girls have been passing milestone moments since they first hit the scene and are continuing to make history. Read on to find out what the challenges are of working with family, the experience of writing their new album, and more.

You two are mother and daughter, but how did you decide to start making music together?

It has always been our dream to do music. So we just said why wait, why not now? We got our music together and submitted it to be able to perform at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville for Chick Singer Night. We got accepted, so we had our first show there. What a cool first show to have. That place is legendary.

What music and artists inspired your sound as a duo?

We are both inspired by so many artists from different genres. We love everything from Etta James, Prince, and Willie Nelson, to Steven Tyler, Elton John, and Whitney Houston. We're inspired by artists who are fearless and unashamed to stand out and do their own thing, by artists who can make you feel what they are singing about.

You were discovered by Blake Shelton on The Voice. What did you enjoy about that experience?

The whole experience for us was great. We were very green going into The Voice. So it was a good learning experience for us. And it was just all around fun. Everyone was so kind and encouraging. And, of course, Blake is the

How has your experience in the music industry been as women? What is it like to have the support of one another?

It has been an overall positive experience. We haven't had some of the bad experiences that some women have had, but we also have found out the hard way that not everyone is looking out for our best interests. All in all, what we have experienced has taught us a lot. We try to help other artists when we can, by answering questions, tell them who to avoid like the plague, etc. LOL. Seriously though, it's tough out here for independent artists. We have to look out for each other! We have to have each other's backs!

Do you think there's anything specific about the country music scene that is different to operate within as a woman?

I think most of it is different. I think it's tougher on women in general. We are held to a different standard. But at the end of the day, this is still our dream and we're gonna keep making great music, keep loving our fans, and keep on keepin' on. We're gonna enjoy the the journey, and when we make it to the top, despite the obstacles women in the industry face, it'll make it that much sweeter.

Tell us a little bit about the writing and recording process for your new album, The Real Thing.

It was incredible. This is our dream project. We decided to let go of all of the 'rules' and just make good freakin' music and be ourselves. No restrictions. Our goals with this record were to record only songs we absolutely love, and make each song the very best we can make it. We looked at it like, if this is the last album we ever make, we're gonna knock it outta the park and go down in glitter and flames. Haha. It was awesome. We were able to be artists and create something we are incredibly proud of.

I know things between mothers and daughters can sometimes get tense. Do you ever disagree about things musically?

Absolutely. We work together, travel together, live together. We are almost always together. So we have a lot of fun together, but we also flip each other off and say a few choice words. LOL. We don't have a regular family relationship, mostly because we just aren't regular. We're weird, but it works for us. Most people couldn't imagine flipping their mom off. LOL. We like to get it all out on the table and move on. When we are mad, we don't stay mad long. We have too much to do, and we honestly just like having fun. We're also very sarcastic and inappropriate, so we crack a lot of jokes. We keep people on their toes, I guess.

Have either of you got any favorite tracks off the record?

All of them. Seriously, that was our goal. To make something we love top to bottom. It's an eclectic album because that's just who we are. Some songs are more pop, others more rock, some more country, some bluesy. It's all part of who we are and what we love. So I think there's something in the album for everyone.

What is coming up next for you?

We're promoting the record. So we'll be hitting the road! We're also putting together a lot of behind the scenes footage from the album making process, which we think will be fun for our fans to see. We hope everyone checks out The Real Thing. It'll surprise you in the best of ways and take you on a journey. You're gonna love it!

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