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AALTA ft. Ellee Duke – 'Cities of the World'

Polished dreamscape-pop.

Meet AALTA, the Los Angeles-based duo composed of Daniel Pashman and Grammy-winning producer Rich Jacques.

The duo premiere "Cities of the World," featuring the vocals talents of Ellee Duke. The song provides a taste of what to expect from AALTA's forthcoming debut album, which highlights the gifts of Maty Noyes, Desi Valentine, and Lenachka.

Pashman and Jacques first connected when Pashman, age 12, wanted guitar lessons. Later, Pashman attended Berklee College of Music. Upon his return from college, he went to work as a studio intern and worked his way up to producer. Pashman and Jacques were working with pop singer Lenachka, when AALTA was created.

Raised in Utah, when she was 17-years-old, Ellee Duke declined a spot on American Idol because the show would sidetrack her from focusing on her songwriting craft. Instead of joining American Idol, she headed for Nashville.

AALTA ft. Ellee Duke - "Cities of the World"

"Cities of the World" opens on gently emerging synths accompanied by Duke's soothing voice. Surging, swelling colors arise from the dreamscape-pop tune. A cavernous bass line aligns with taut clacking percussion, propelling the rhythm.

The lyrics reflect a feeling of isolation and self dependence, "When I touch down in London / That's when I'll decide / The next place I'm running / Don't need an alibi / Cause nobody's coming / Just me, myself and I."

Duke's voice, full of lush tones and reflection, infuses the tune with lingering melancholy. "Cities of the World" provides glowing resonance, along with Ellee Duke's bewitching voice.

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