Two Feet Releases Dark, Stirring Music Video for "You?"

If you haven't listened to Two Feet yet, you're missing out.

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Next time you need a soundtrack for strutting down the street, pretending you're in a dramatic movie about your own life, look no further than the music of Two Feet.

The genre-bending rising star first made waves with his hit single "Go F*ck Yourself," which became an immediate hit on SoundCloud, with more than 250 million streams to date. Since then, he's gained a significant following and performed all over the world. Today, he releases a stirring new music video for his song "You?"

"I came up with the idea for this music video after watching a French horror/thriller film called 'climax.' I loved the dance scene in the beginning of the movie," Two Feet (real name Bill Dess) says of the video. "My music has taken off in the dance community and I wanted to embrace that. Johannes (the director) and I recruited the incredible Dani Vitale (choreographer) and her team to help us bring this vision to life."

In the video, the artist's trademark warbling guitar rises slowly as obscured dancers surround Two Feet. Soon, he steps into the center and continues to perform as the reverb on his velvet voice builds. Upon release of the track, he stated, "I wanted to combine elements of my sound with some heavier elements of punk/grunge. While writing 'You?' I focused on how it would work as part of my live show and am mad happy with how it turned out."

Two Feet - You?

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