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Slow News Day: There's Just Not Much Going On

The world seems to have just taken a break from newsworthy stuff today.

As a pop culture news site, we here at Popdust uphold our sacred duty to keep the public informed of the major events of the world.

If Scarlett Johansson gets cast as Muhammad Ali in a new biopic, or Drake "accidentally" tweets a picture of a Jonas brother's junk, we know that you're counting on us to keep you up to date with all the hot takes and fresh perspectives on the situation.

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Weird Al Vs. Borat: The True Political Showdown of Our Era

Forget about Trump Vs. Biden, these cultural juggernauts are facing off in the political battle that will define 2020.

Perhaps once in a generation, a moment comes along when a choice between two individuals is poised to reverberate through time, shaping the political landscape for decades to come.

Talented communicators who know how to energize their passionate followers, these towering intellectual giants know that they must eventually face off, head-to-head, in a terrifying battle for the fate of the world. Nonetheless, they maintain their dignified stances—barely acknowledging one another as they perform feats of persuasion that leave casual observers in awe.

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Nicholas Braun, AKA Cousin Greg, Has Delivered the Perfect 2020 Song in "Antibodies (Do You Have The)"

The pop-punk hit is equal parts timely and timeless (and also hilarious).

Nicholas Braun is not really known for his music.

He's recognized primarily for his Emmy-nominated portrayal of bumbling, fish-out-of-water "cousin Greg" on HBO's "Succession." But his transformation into a punk-pop idol in fingerless gloves for his new single "Antibodies (Do You Have The)" will soon change that.

Part public health PSA, part brooding sexual anthem, the creation of this COVID-era hit dates back to May 7th, when Braun reached out to the ether with an Instagram post addressed to "all musical people!"

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7 Times Ryan Reynolds Proved That He's Too Good to Be True

The teddy bear reward is just Ryan Reynolds' latest good deed...but it conceals a dark terrible secret. Scroll to the end to earn the truth.

There's something not quite right about Ryan Reynolds...

It's not his strong jawline, his muscled figure, his quick, self-deprecating wit, or even his singing voice. Those are all pretty great. No, it's the fact that he has all of those things, and also seems to be a loving husband and father who is passionate about helping others and the planet. Like... pick a lane, dude.

He can't be 2010's People's sexiest man alive, and also be a comic book nerd who makes his nerd-dream come true, and also an avid environmentalist, and also a successful entrepreneur, and also one of the funniest actors in Hollywood, with a beautiful family, and Hugh Jackman for a side piece. He can't. It's too many things, and if it doesn't stop soon, we will have no choice but to dig around until we discover the dark, terrible secret that he must be concealing.

Because no one is that good. No handsome, successful, clever man who isn't trying to hide something would do all that. He's too good to be true. Just look at...

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Disney's Live-Action "Peter Pan" Will Be Great Because Animation Is for Babies

Animation is lame and live-action is awesome.


Everybody loves Disney live-action remakes.

In a world plagued by racism, disease, and a seemingly endless bounty of spiraling misfortune, at least we can all agree that Disney knocks it out of the park every time they dredge up an old, animated movie for a live-action makeover because cartoons are for babies.

Sure, some of us thought the original Beauty and the Beast was fine, but could lame, 2D Belle ever hold a candle to 3D Emma Watson? And yeah, the original Lion King was okay, I guess, but there's nobody in the world who preferred cartoon Scar's rendition of "Be Prepared" to the incredible feat of getting a real lion to sing it in the live-action remake.

Being a Disney fan can be hard sometimes, as you have fond memories of beloved childhood movies but also don't want people to make fun of you for liking cartoons. That's why, out of all the corporations in the world, Disney is undoubtedly the most selfless, willing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to bring their old, outdated movies into the modern age—all for the fans.

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Dear Viral McMuffin Cop: 5 Reasons to Quit Your Awful Job

You don't have to deal with this unbearable strain anymore, Officer Karen.

On Tuesday night a concerned woman named Ann tweeted a video of a Georgia police officer having a breakdown over the service she received at a rest stop McDonald's.

Ann insisted that America is "better than this" before returning to her usual schedule of sharing every instance she can find of Black men being violent. By Wednesday morning the clip had been retweeted by both critics and defenders—including Donald Trump Jr. who deemed the situation "disgusting"—and had officially gone viral with the phrases "Officer Karen" and "Egg McMuffin" trending.

The police officer, a woman named Stacey, is a 15-year veteran of a police force somewhere in the area of Savannah, Georgia (though the Police Department of Richmond Hill, Georgia—where that McDonald's is located—wants you to know she doesn't work there). In the clip she is visibly and audibly choking back tears as she recounts the harrowing details of what she experienced:

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