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What the Hell Is Tom Cruise Filming in Space?

It could be just another Mission: Impossible, or maybe...

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Entertainment news has been abuzz this week with the news that Tom Cruise will soon be starring in the first scripted movie ever to be filmed in space.

But with all the coverage about Cruise's stuntwork, the involvement of Elon Musk's SpaceX, and the challenges of filming in the space station, we have yet to receive any details about the project itself. What will this movie be about, and why does it have to be filmed in space?

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I Want to Die by Murder Hornet: An Open Letter to God

I want murder hornets to kill me.

Washington Department of Agriculture

Dear God,

Hey. It's me. I know we don't talk much, but it's finally time for me to reach out.

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Donald Trump's Disinfectant Injection—and Other Brilliant Ideas (that Will Kill You)

Really really don't do any of this, or anything else the president tells you to do

President Donald Trump made a medical breakthrough on Thursday, during his daily press briefing on the coronavirus pandemic.

Using his tried and true method of blurting out the first dumb idea that popped into his head, he stumbled upon the most dramatic advancement in health science since Jonas Salk invented the polio vaccine. No doubt he was searching for new options after a study from the VA seemed to show that hydroxychloroquine—previously his favorite miracle cure—provided little to no benefit to COVID-19 patients. And he found those options in the course of the seemingly aimless rambling that is currently being broadcast on every major network and cable news channel on a daily basis.

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